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February 5, 2016
Erin Condren Life Planner with Filofax Finsbury, Glasses, and Starbucks

one of my earliest posts was a review of the exciting plethora of planners and calendars out there, from entire years at a glance to a daily page broken down into half-hour increments. if a planner doesn’t break down your months, weeks, or days in the same way your brain does, it simply won’t help you stay organized.

the erin condren life planner (uber trendy and not cheap), famed for its three-boxes-a-day weekly format, is particularly multi-functional in this regard. the planner originally labeled the boxes for you as “morning,” “afternoon,” and “evening” (or something like that). after a slew of crafty and picky #plannergirls covered up these headings and re-labeled them for other categories, that savvy erin condren wised up and began printing blank headings for the three boxes, as pictured in the photo of my own 2016 #ECLP above. this way, you can make sure your planner breaks down your days the way your brain does, maximizing its efficiency and helpfulness.

i was in between semesters for most of january, so i had been separating my days into mornings, afternoons, and evenings since that’s how i plan my activities when i’m on break and making vague and leisurely plans. my brain knows that i’ll meet my sister for coffee “in the morning.” and it knows that i won’t be able to see my mom until she gets off work “some time in the evening.” i know that “my afternoon is free,” so that’s when i can work out. or whatever. since that’s how my brain works during my time out of school, that’s how my erin condren works. it’s beautiful!

when i’m in school, however, i’ve noticed my brain compartmentalizes things differently. school becomes a priority, separate from personal or home-related commitments, and separate still from my non-school priorities, like work on my blog or my etsy shop. so now that school has started up again,  my erin condren headings are different, as pictured below:


again, beautiful no?!

how do you guys break down your day (and thus, your planner)? let me know in the comments below!

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