What’s in My Teacher Bag?

August 28, 2017
What's in My Teacher Bag? See how I organize all my professor stuff, planner stuff, and healthy stuff in my work bag.

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i don’t know about you, but i love a good “what’s in my bag?” post or photo. in this post, i take you through my teacher bag. specifically, my adjunct college professor bag.

first, where did i get my bag?

i previously used a large white leather tote that my mom found for me at tj maxx. the size was perfect, but it was like a big shopping bag. i wanted a bit more structure and, perhaps most importantly, COMPARTMENTS!

this bag caught my eye while i was at target shopping for something else. aint that always the way? the tri-color means it goes with everything. no need to switch from bag to bag because of your outfit.

here’s the closest thing target has to it now. you can also click on the photo below for its details.

now for what’s in my bag.

What's in my teacher bag? What I keep in my teacher bag and how I keep it all organized.

my teacher bag has various compartments and pockets, which is essential for me. i can’t be digging around for my keys and find them beneath all my books and stuck in the rings of my binder so that when i finally pull them free three tampons come flying out!

so, what’s in my bag? and how do i organize it all?

1. my class binder

i’m teaching two english courses this semester. so i have one binder with two sections to hold all of my class materials.

What's in My Teacher Bag? How I organize my professor stuff, planner stuff, and healthy stuff in my work bag.

i used to get much fancier than this. i had a separate binder for each class. i set up my uber-professional a5 filofax with all sorts of dividers and inserts. but to be honest, none of that is necessary to teach a college course. i just wanted an excuse to play with my planner toys!

my semester starts tomorrow. right now, i just have my roster, syllabus, and a pocket divider for each class.

i discovered the pocket dividers by accident. during a spring clean, my sister asked if i wanted them. they are the perfect inbox-outbox situation. the pop quiz i’ll hand out goes in the pocket. the classwork i just collected goes in the pocket. easy peasy.

2. the assigned books

this one’s obvious. i place these right next to the course binder. i’ve also learned to always mark the assigned pages so i can flip right to where we are and get going. a sticky note usually does the trick. i’m telling you, nothing fancy!

3. two planners: my on-the-go filofax and my hourly erin condren

my on-the-go planner right now is my personal size lilac filofax. that goes in the bag for sure.

What's in My Teacher Bag? How I organize my professor stuff, planner stuff, and healthy stuff in my work bag.

i have a large break between my morning and afternoon class. so, i also take my hourly erin condren life planner with me. this semester i am striving to complete all school-related work within those few hours between classes. this way at home i deal solely with my blog business. with my hourly #eclp, i can map out how best to allocate my time.

4. my purse

why did it take me so long to figure this out? i’m done taking things out of one purse and putting them in the other. and then back again. now, i keep a smallish everyday purse and just place it in its entirety inside my teacher bag.

5. tiny toiletry bag

i have a small “emergency” bag for deodorant, mouthwash, bandaids, and tampons. i settled on these as my emergency items from experience. on the freeway on-ramp for instance, i suddenly think to myself, “did i put deodorant on!?” how that’s possible, i dont know. but i’ve done it.

hell, i even got all the way to my law firm once before realizing i wasn’t wearing a bra and turned all the way back home!

6. healthy snacks

What's in My Teacher Bag? How I organize my professor stuff, planner stuff, and healthy stuff in my work bag.

my afternoon class is actually right at lunch time. so it’s too early for lunch before class. and too late for lunch after class. unless i have snacks in my bag, i don’t eat.

my go-to snacks are fruit, fruit snacks, and pretzels. if i am at the top of my health game, i’ll have some fruit-infused sassy water instead of coffee. #goals.


7. dry erase markers

if you forget your dry erase markers, you’re not using the white board that day. i designate one of the two inner pockets of my teacher bag for my dry erase markers. four fit perfectly in that pocket.

What's in My Teacher Bag? How I organize my professor stuff, planner stuff, and healthy stuff in my work bag.

plus, an empty pocket becomes easily noticeable. so i rarely leave my precious markers at home or in the classroom.

8. pens, etc.

the second inner pocket is for pens and possibly pencils or a highlighter.

9. paperclips

i hated to dig into the inner pockets of my bag and hope to find a rogue paperclip at the bottom. now, i line up my spare paperclips across the top of the pocket. this might be the most ingenious part of my teacher bag.

10. laptop

like i said, i want to make the most of the gap between my two classes. i take my laptop with me so i can work during that gap.

my teacher bag has TWO zipped laptop sleeves–one on each side. my super slim macbook and case fit right in. i leave the bulky laptop charger in the car. i can easily grab it out of the car if i need it while working at a starbucks.

here’s a similar target bag that has one laptop sleeve. this is actually a pretty cute work bag option too if you ask me!

What's in my teacher bag? How to find the perfect teacher bag. I found mine at Target!

so there you have it! everything in my teacher bag and how i try to keep it all organized. not just for my own sanity, but also to set a good example for my students. every now and then i’ll see a student take out an #eclp to jot down a due date. and my heart soars.

well, what’s in your bag? let us know your organization and on-the-go tips in the comments below! and if there’s anything about my teacher bag that you want to know more about, let me know!


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