WEDDING PLANNING TIP: ongoing song list.

May 3, 2016
Wedding Planning in Filofax

so i was having one of those crazed overwhelmed days this past weekend, and my fiance–beautiful soul that he is–sat down with me and said, “as crazy as our schedules are, we have pretty much kicked ass in our wedding planning. we haven’t dropped the ball once!” and he’s right! yay us! but enough patting ourselves on the back. i’m here to share with you little things i did here and there over the months leading up to our wedding make planning easier and more fun. first up, a music tip.

when we first met with our dj, we told him that we want the traditional armenian music for the my-big-fat-greek-wedding factor, but we also want some american dance hits also. he asked me to name a couple artists and you guys. i COULD NOT GET PAST RIHANNA. she was suddenly the only name i could think of, and i don’t even particularly go crazy to rihanna on the dance floor. where was beyonce when i needed her? or justin timberlake? so after this major brain freeze (which my fiance attempted to fill only with a meek “ummmm, radiohead?”) the dj said to think on it and get back to him. AND GET BACK TO HIM I WILL! for the past several months, every time i heard a song on the radio that made me turn the music up and have an intense session of car pool karaoke or a seated dance party that made several drivers in lanes next to me equal parts fascinated and worried, i wrote down the name of the song on a list for our dj. (safety alert: i hands-freely told siri to write it down so i could add it to my planner when i got home.) now i have a guilty pleasure filled list of justin bieber, shakira, enrique iglesias, and more for dancing the night away!

#plannerbrides, what other tips do you have for us???

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