Webcrawl Wednesday: How to Create a More Mindful Space

August 23, 2017
How to Create a More Mindful Home: Ideas from MindBodyGreen

a cluttered space can be distracting and stressful. distractions and extra stress are the last thing you want in your busy life, am i right?

for today’s webcrawl wednesday, i found some simple tips to help make your home or office a more mindful space. a space that is free of physical as well as psychic clutter. read on for a link to the mindbodygreen article.

Using essential oils and other tips to help make your home or office space more mindful. Found on the mindbodygreen blog.

what is mindfulness anyway?

to be mindful simply means to be present. mindfulness increases your awareness of your own thoughts and helps you get in touch with your inner self.

i started to practice mindfulness meditation about ten years ago when my life was on auto-pilot and i felt like i had no sense of purpose in the world.

i have since fallen WAY off the daily meditation practice habit. and, perhaps to nobody’s surprise, i feel overworked and a little lost right now!

how can mindfulness help me?

why is this important? because if you have no sense of mindfulness, which was definitely me circa 2007, you cram for the lsat all summer so a top 20 law school admits you so that a top 50 law firm will hire you and pay you a six-figure salary only to realize that you hate to argue, you are incapable of pulling all-nighters no matter how important the client is, and you simply cannot spend 10-12 hours a day in an air-conditioned box staring at a computer screen without your physical and mental health suffering in an UGLY way.

that’s not to say that a mindful person never makes mistakes or changes her mind. it just means that you are more likely to be honest with yourself about your wants, likes, dislikes, needs, and priorities in life.

what can i do to be more mindful?

phew! whenever my life gets really hectic and i feel a little lost (what is it all for!??? i cry as i plop face down onto the bed), i try to get back into more mindful habits. just to help shut off all the excess noise that incessantly drones on in our brains. that way i am more likely to listen to the true, important noise.

so, we could all vow to meditate for 20 minutes a day and then hate ourselves for failing at a pretty ambitious habit if you ask me, or we can start small. click here for some simple tips on how to make your surroundings more mindful. let me know which idea(s) you try on to help guide you to a more mindful and happy life!


How to Create a More Mindful Home: Ideas from MindBodyGreen

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