Wardrobe Revamp: How to Give Yourself a Style Makeover

November 6, 2017
Time for a Style Makeover? How to Revamp Your Wardrobe like a Planner Girl

is it time for a wardrobe makeover?

every few seasons, i go through a style rut. i’m either sick of the clothes i own, or i repeatedly have nothing to wear even though i’m staring at a closet full of stuff!

here’s the first thing i do to get out of a style rut and initiate a total wardrobe overhaul!

first thing’s first: make a pinterest board.

i’ve said it before, and i’ll say it again. my first step in almost any project plan is to create a pinterest board. so, if you’ve decided that you need a new look and a total closet makeover, make a pinterest style board.

before throwing stuff out or–more importantly–going on a shopping spree, make a pinterest board. even if you already have some clothes and outfits pinned elsewhere already, make a brand new pinterest board dedicated to this particular project. what do you like to wear? what do you want to wear? whose style do you absolutely love? what are your go-to colors?

i gather all of this important style information in this new, dedicated place. anything and everything that inspires me fashion-wise gets pinned to my new board.

below is a peek at my board. click here to see all of it. hey, it might even give you some ideas for your own board!

Revamp Your Wardrobe: A Peek at my Pinterest Style Board for Inspiration

next step: notice repeats and trends.

once i have a bunch of photos pinned to my virtual style board, i peruse the photos and take note of similar elements, colors, or patterns that keep coming up. if you take your time to curate this board, you may even end up pinning the same image more than once without realizing it! this simple process really lets me hone in on the ideal look in my head. what exactly does this new-and-improved me wear every day? the pinterest board holds the answers to your dream wardrobe.

Revamp Your Wardrobe: Notice likes, repeats, and trends on your pinterst boards. I'm really into Alexa Chung apparently!

then, make a list.

in obvious planner girl fashion (pun intended), i write out a list of my observations. for instance, unlike my friend adrine who cringed when i showed her a striped sweater at calvin klein, turns out i’m REALLY into stripes, army green, and alexa chung. i’m also a sucker for a touch of quirky vintage.

in fact, here’s what my complete list looked like:

Wardrobe Revamp: After making a style board on Pinterest, I can make a more accurate shopping list for my dream wardrobe.

(i did this the week of halloween. thus the stationery, which was part of the “something wicked” planner girl provisions box.)

go shopping in your own closet first.

how does one “shop” the clothes one already owns, you ask? well, with my trusty list in hand, i go back to my current walk in wardrobe and see what i have in there that’s still totally usable. black skinny jeans are an obvious staple for me, and i have a couple near-new pairs already. so i’m definitely not going to shop for more black jeans just because they made it onto my list! same with the stripes. jesus christ, there are stripes everywhere in here! so note to self: no need to buy more stripes.

Wardrobe Revamp: Some first steps to take to clean out and reorganize your uninspiring closet!

you may notice the color coordinating going on in my closet in the photo above. i’ll go through how i clean out and reorganize my closet in a future post, which you might find helpful. especially if organizing your closet sounds like the most overwhelming task in the world! which it actually kind of is…

final step: shop for your new wardrobe!

at this point, you willl have a reliable list from which to shop. look for staple items that emerged from your pinterest board (denim jacket, nude pumps, red lipstick, whatever). or, if there was a particular outfit or two you were obsessed with, go find it! it becomes an exciting scavenger hunt.

creating a pinterest board and taking stock of what i already have first is essential for me. these steps prevent me from buying a bunch of adorable items that i don’t need or don’t really go together. after all, that may have been the kind of shopping that got you in this predicament in the first place!

Time for a Style Makeover? How to Revamp Your Wardrobe like a Planner Girl

so let me know if you make a pinterest style board that helps you out of a fashion rut! in fact, i can never have too much pinspiration, so feel free to leave a link to your pinterst board in the comments section below.

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