Trendy Tuesday: Busy Bees

January 2, 2018
2018 Trend to Watch: Busy Bees

welcome to the first #trendytuesday of the year! after i noticed a gorgeous bee planner while i out shopping one day, i began to spot these pretty pollenators everywhere! if you don’t exactly hate this bee trend either, take a look at my roundup below.

first came the busy bee planner.

here’s what inspired my affinity for bees in the first place. my bee-finity, if you will!

Trend to Watch in 2018: Busy Bees, especially for planners and stationery.

the bee is such a perfect symbol for the #plannergirl, is it not? the hardworking bee, not busy simply for the sake of being busy, but busy focusing on her goals and, little by little, getting big things done! no wonder i immediately fell in love with this bee planner.

the combination of the soft pink faux leather with the gold accents was also pure perfection.

and now the bee-finity continues…

Trendy Tuesday: Busy Bees


i particularly love bees on notebooks and stationery, but they’ve been popping up everywhere. that modcloth collar pin, for instance, is pretty irresistible!

1. eccolo faux leather bee journal ($22)

2. lord + taylor 14k yellow gold bumble bee stud earrings ($60)

3. modcloth bee prepared collar pin ($19)

4. franklin planner zipper leatherette journal ($28)

5. maje bee t-shirt ($135)

6. olivia burton bee leather strap watch ($170)

7. angela valentine bee wallet in teal ($48)

8. lauren conrad bee cuff bracelet ($14)

9. express embellished bee knit beanie ($21)

10. gucci ilse bee-embellished leather sandal ($1,250)

so what do you think of this trend? are you on board or does it…bug you? oh come on, i had to!

2018 Trend to Watch: Busy Bees

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