the purposeful planner by corie clark.

June 14, 2016
Purposeful Planners on Desk with Flowers and Accessories

i am excited to announce that i will be working with corie clark as an instagram brand rep for her lovely 2016-2017 purposeful planner! when corie asked what kind of planner i would like to have sent to me, i IMMEDIATELY chose this white leatherette bound book with the rose gold foil on the cover. AND, to mix things up a bit, i opted for a daily planner, which means this is a WHOPPING planner of a planner, with daily pages for every single day starting in july of this year and ending with june of 2017.

this opportunity to work in a purposeful planner came at the perfect time for me because i was struggling with feeling productive at the end of each day. even though i had checked several things off my to do list or spent the day with loved ones just having fun or relaxing, i’d climb into bed at night feeling unproductive. why did i feel lazy, or like i was spinning my wheels?

the opening pages of the purposeful planner seek to remedy this feeling of auto-pilot or aimlessness by asking you to identify your main roles in life (mine, for instance, are wife, daughter, business owner, and educator) and then describe what success in each of those areas means to you. thinking about and brainstorming and visualizing and–most importantly–articulating in writing what my lifelong as well as shorter term goals are gave my every day tasks more purpose. and if to dos didn’t seem to fit in with my vision and values, i’d just delete them from my list and move right along.

White Leatherette with Rose Gold Purposeful Planner by Corie Clark with Gold Planner Accessories

i’m still working my way out of this funk, which comes up every once in a while as a sign that i need to take a moment and recalibrate my life. let me know if yall have ever hit one of these walls and what helps you get back on track!

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