be more productive with the pomodoro technique.

September 1, 2015
Get more done with the Pomodoro Technique. Work in 25-minute interals while taking 5-minute breaks in between. After three or four 25-minute intervals, take a longer break.

have you #plannergirls heard of the pomodoro technique? it’s named after the pomodoro tomato and, as you can see from the darling image above, the company’s trademark timer. the pomodoro technique is meant to eliminate distractions and allow you to work more productively without interruption. here’s how it works.

anything short of a life-threatening emergency can wait for 25 minutes, so the theory goes. you set the pomodoro-shaped timer (or simply, your pomodoro) for 25 minutes and work on something–anything–on your to do list. you do not stop doing that task until the timer goes off. then you take a 5-minute break before starting another 25-minute long session, either continuing what you were working on or tackling another task.

sure, the pressure of a timer going makes you focus on your task without stopping to check your instagram feed, wipe that particularly dusty bookshelf, give your dog a belly rub, or anything else you do to procrastinate. but this technique really grabbed my attention recently because it gave me a way to work on all the different things i have going on without freaking out that any particular project was being neglected. i do blog stuff for 25 minutes in the morning, whether that’s reading comments, posting social media stuff, or editing an upcoming post. when that timer goes off, i take a break and switch gears. the next 25 minutes are spent reading shakespeare for one of my seminars. and so on. after four 25-minute sessions, you can take a longer break. take a twenty-minute walk or take thirty minutes off for lunch.

the pomodoro peeps would probably hate me for saying this, but you can get an adorable tomato timer–albeit without the company’s logo–for just $5 at world market. and, of course, if tomatoes just aren’t your thing, i’ve got you covered:

Screen shot 2015-08-13 at 4.23.37 PM

top down from left to right: joseph joseph pie timer. owl timer. toaster timer. kikkerland vintage timer. oink oink kitchen timer. modcloth mushroom timer. michael graves alessi timer. hamburger timer. let’s make digital timer.

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