10 Trendy Ideas for Decorating Your Home Office or Craft Space

February 27, 2017
Happy As Annie 10 Trendy Ideas for Decorating Home Office or Craft Space Pinterest Board

last week i mentioned how pinterest boards have become my essential first step before undergoing any type of home redecorating project.

i’m in the midst of creating a little home office space for my blog and business (the planner girl provisions subscription box) so that i’m not constantly commandeering our dining table for work. so, i thought i’d share 10 of my favorite home office ideas from the happy as annie office space pinterest board.

{click on each image below to be taken to the actual pin and original source.}

1. pink walls.

your office or craft space is your sanctuary. it is the one place that doesn’t require compromising or toning down to be more neutral or unisex-friendly. in other words, pink walls, baby!

Home Office Trends Gallery Wall Pink Paint and Gold Desk Accessories and Home Accents

Home Office Trends Annie Sloan Pale Pink Chalk Paint in Antoinette

2. gold accents.

gold has been trending for awhile. it’s just so glam that i can’t help but feel alert and fancy and ready to go to work with it around me!

Office Trends Fresh Flowers Gold Desk Accessories and Home Accents for Pink Feminine Office

Gold, Pink, and Black Desk Accessories, Stationery, and Planner Accessories Feminine Office

3. white shag.

whether it’s on the floor or on your chair, white shag brings luxurious coziness that i think is so fun.

Gold Rimmed Dressing or Office Chair with White Shag Seat Feminine Office

4. greenery.

this one’s a simple feng shui rule. live greenery clears the energy and air in any room.

Office Trends White Couch with Gold End Table and Large Plant Feminine Office Home Decor

Gold End Table with Trendy Greenery and Pink Furniture Feminine Decor

5. beautifully patterned storage boxes.

the gorgeous exterior of these boxes keeps whatever mess you’ve got going on inside hidden!

Kate Spade Inspired Patterned Storage Boxes Gold Polka Dot Pink Floral and Black and White Stripes

White Expedit Bookshelf with PInk, Black, and White Patterned Storage Boxes Feminine Home Office Decor

6. clipboards on the wall.

i love this idea because it turns functional information and quick reference materials into art.

Trendy Office Gold Clipboards Hung On Office Wall to Hold Calendar and Lists Feminine Decor

7. a favorite mug.

a special mug adds personalization and motivation to your work space. use it for your morning coffee or to store your favorite pens on your desk.

Trendy Office White Mug with Time to Get Stuff Done in Black Lettering

8. fresh flowers.

fresh flowers are so decorative and celebratory. and yes, your fabulous #girlboss self deserves them!

Trendy Office White Desk with Open Laptop, Gold Desk Accessories and Stationery, and Fresh Pink Roses Feminine Office and Home Decor


9. a glam computer desktop.

Trendy Office White Desk with Floral Pillow and Love Lettering Computer Desktop Background

Trendy Office White Desk with Gold Computer Desktop Background Feminine Office Desk Accessories and Home Decor

10. a gallery wall.

i would use just one wall for this so as not to overdo it. you want inspiration and creative stimulation, but not too much visual noise!

Trendy Office White Double Desk with Fashion Blogger Gallery Wall including Kate Moss print

which of these is your favorite? let me know your craft room and home office decor tips in the comments below! and for more great ideas, follow me on pinterest!

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