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Planner Girl Guide to Amazon Prime Day

July 16, 2018

prime day is here! it starts at 12 pm PST and lasts 36 hours.

what is prime day, you say? it’s amazon’s anniversary. to celebrate, amazon rolls black friday and cyber monday into one (and a half) days in july. consider it an extension of this christmas in july craziness!

today’s post will guide you through all things planners and prime! first, i’ll cover the basics for finding great deals. next, and this is the fun part, comes my #plannergirl prime day shopping guide! i list some of my favorite items and some #plannergirl must haves that you can get for a super low price. AND, perhaps more importantly, with FREE TWO-DAY SHIPPING if you’re an amazon prime member.

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Webcrawl Wednesday: How to Create a More Mindful Space

August 23, 2017
How to Create a More Mindful Home: Ideas from MindBodyGreen

a cluttered space can be distracting and stressful. distractions and extra stress are the last thing you want in your busy life, am i right?

for today’s webcrawl wednesday, i found some simple tips to help make your home or office a more mindful space. a space that is free of physical as well as psychic clutter. read on for a link to the mindbodygreen article.

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