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PLAN WITH ME VIDEO: How I Forward Plan

July 13, 2018
Plan With Me Video: How to Forward Plan. Check out how I "forward plan" or "future plan" in my Happy Planner using page flags.

when do i forward plan? when i need to mark an upcoming date in my planner but i’m not ready to write in pen or use a pretty sticker yet.

if you want some ideas on how you can get full functionality out of your planner even when you’re not ready to decorate and make it look all pretty, this plan with me video is for you!

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Forward Planning in My Happy Planner

July 9, 2018
Step-By-Step Guide to Forward Planning. See how I forward plan in my Happy Planner even when I'm not ready to write in or decorate my planner.

want to forward plan even though you aren’t ready to write, place stickers, or decorate?

here’s how i forward plan to make sure i don’t forget upcoming dates. yes, even when i’m not ready to make my planner look pretty yet.

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