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Make an End of the Year Achievements List

December 24, 2017
Why you should make a list of your 2017 achievements before the new year. I keep my list in my planner!

the year’s end is a thrilling time for planner girls. we select our 2018 planner lineup. we set up our dashboards and dividers just how we want them. we set goals, schedules, and routines. we can’t wait to dive in to the new year!

but before we canon ball head first (is that even possible?) into 2018, can we take a few moments to reflect on 2017 real quick? a list of this year’s achievements can help you plan for a stellar 2018. here’s how.

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Why You Need a Personal Mission Statement

March 27, 2017
Why should you have a personal mission statement? Learn what it is, how to come up with one, and why I keep it in my daily planner.

what is a personal mission statement?

i first thought about a personal mission statement when i read stephen covey’s the 7 habits of highly effective people (<– affiliate link). covey explains that a mission statement helps you define “guidelines within which you can most happily express and fulfill yourself.”

how can a personal mission statement help you?

we are pushed and pulled in so many directions sometimes that we forget what we really want. or why we started something in the first place. we lose sight of our core values, priorities, and deal breakers. but writing these things down can give you clarity and guidance.

think about it like this. companies draft mission statements to provide purpose and direction for the business, right? so why can’t individuals benefit from doing the same?

so how do you start?

try franklincovey’s personal mission statement builder. you answer some questions about yourself, and the site plugs those answers into a template. then you can edit and revise the template as you like. i find this less overwhelming than staring at a blank word document and having to start from scratch!

Customize your personal mission statement and make an inspiring dashboard page for your planner.

and, being the #plannergirl that i am, i personalized my mission statement with patterned paper and stickers.

where should you keep your mission statement?

i hole punched mine and put it in my planner so i could see it regularly.

Personal Mission Statement in Filofax Malden with Glasses Paper and Photo Accessories

i love flipping to this spread throughout the week. it keeps me motivated and makes me smile. what would go into your personal mission statement? let me know in the comments below!

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Why you should add a Personal Mission Statement to your planner.



The Planner Girl Provisions Subscription Box Turns ONE this Month!

March 3, 2017
Home Page for Planner Girl Provisions Subscription Box Website

Planner Girl Provisions’ first birthday!

our planning and stationery subscription box, planner girl provisions, turns a year old this month! can you believe it? what started as just feeling out how a few boxes a month would do on my little etsy  shop has taken on a life of it’s own!

thank you!

so, i just wanted to take a moment to say thank you to everyone who has joined my #plannercommunity. whether you’re a PGP subscriber, a HappyAsAnnie loyalist, or just an occassional browser on this blog, thank you! thank you! scroll through below for a little trip down our subscription box memory lane.

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5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Purchasing a Planner

February 13, 2017
Happy As Annie 5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Buying a Planner, whether a Filofax, Michaels Recollections Planner, Erin Condren Life Planner or Happy Planner

{this post contains affiliate links. this means i earn a small commission if you follow a link and end up making a purchase.}

what’s the right planner for you?

finding the right planner for you can be more difficult than you think! trust me. i’ve had (and still have) various sized filofax planners, an erin condren life planner or two, a happy planner, the new mini-happy planner, a purposeful planner, a day designer, and more!

if you saw my happy planner update video on youtube, you know that just because a planner is GORGEOUS and you are head-over-heels in love with how it looks doesn’t mean it’s going to be the most useful tool for planning your life.

maybe you’re in the same boat. or maybe you are overwhelmed by all the planners out there! if so, here are 5 questions you’ve got to answer if you are ever going to reach planner peace:  Continue Reading

Planner Stickers from Etsy in the Planner Girl Provisions Subscription Box

February 3, 2017
SammyLynnPlanning Date Night Planner Stickers with Planner Girl Provisions February Subscription Box Puppy Love Stationery and Planner Accessories

date night planner stickers

february’s Puppy Love box was one of my favorite subscription boxes to put together! we included date night planner stickers from two different etsy shops. as an admitted workaholic, i wanted to encourage all you fellow #bossbabes to stay fun, affectionate, and romantic in a relationship no matter how hard you hustle on the daily!


if these fuzzy little llama planner stickers don’t inspire you to take a night off with your special someone, i don’t know what will.




and if llamas aren’t your thing, go for some gorgeous color instead with these planner stickers.


how do you guys schedule date nights? let me know in the comments below.

planner stickers to help decorate your planner for fall and halloween.

October 16, 2016
Erin Condren Life Planner Halloween Monthly Spread for October Witch Stickers and Half Boxes

it is finally my favorite time of year, which means it is definitely halloween in planner land! the los angeles weather even cooled down by a few degrees to humor me, and i am going all out for halloween in my erin condren planner.

the witches i used for my october monthly spread shown above were part of the Planner Girl Provisions “pumpkin spice” box this month. aren’t they the most adorable things you’ve ever seen? in fact, don’t answer that yet, because the two etsy shops we partnered with for the pumpkin spice box created some fabulous planner stickers that may be even cuter.

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happy planner and filofax video: part 2 is here!

August 23, 2016

in my latest planner video on the happy as annie youtube channel, i share how i’m using (or not using) my happy planner in addition to my personal filofax.

how i used my happy planner

part 1, which is already up, is about the happy planner.

how i use my personal size filofax

part 2–about the filofax–is up now for your viewing pleasure!

i’ve loved reading all your comments about how you’re grappling with your own happy planners so keep them coming!

LISTS IN MY PLANNER: things that make me feel better.

July 12, 2016
Happy As Annie List of Things That Make Me Feel Better in Lilac Filofax Personal

why should you keep a feel better list?

i started keeping a running list of things that make me feel better in my filofax about a year ago. it is one of the best planner decisions i have ever made. when i’m feeling down, whether it’s an inexplicable funk or the aftermath of a bad day, my list reminds me of all the little pick-me-ups that have successfully cheered me up or de-stressed me in the past.

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