Summer Cocktails to Beat the Heat

July 18, 2018
My Pinterest Roundup of the Best Summer Cocktails to Help Beat the Heat

summer isn’t about work–it’s about play! but for me, summer aint about ANYTHING if i’m too sweaty to move. this year, i’m trying to beat the heat with some fun summer cocktails, some fruity and some refreshingly not.

here’s my pinterest roundup of refreshing summer cocktails to help you beat the heat, whether you’re just hanging out at home or entertaining a crowd.

spiked lemonades

lemonade on its own is one of my favorite summer drinks. i’ll toss some fresh berries into the pitcher (blueberries and blackberries are my fave because you literally just toss them in there; strawberries you have to slice) to fancy up even store-bought lemonade with no effort.

but what really fancies up a lemonade? tequila and bourbon. tequila OR bourbon, i should say.

option 1 from my pinterest board: blackberry lemonade margarita

Blackberry Lemonade Margaritas - and other summer cocktails to help beat the heat!

this festive drink from valerie’s kitchen includes fresh blackberry puree, lemonade, and, of course, because it’s a margarita, tequila. nothing says party like a salt-rimmed margarita, so i’m all about this.

you need a mesh sieve though to smash up the berries. so if you’re equipment-averse, move on to the next option.

option 2 from my pinterest board: blackberry bourbon lemonade

Blackberry Bourbon Lemonade - and other summer cocktails to help beat the heat!

this cocktail from mom on the side involves more blackberries (my fave) but way less elbow grease to make.

it does, however, call for simple syrup. i used to shy away from any cocktail recipes that required it, but it’s actually quite easy to make ahead and just have in the fridge. you can also buy it pre-made!

watermelon wonders

watermelon is hands down my favorite part of summer.

option 1 from my pinterest board: watermelon mojitoWatermelon Mojito - and other summer cocktails to help beat the heat!

the only thing more refreshing than a watermelon drink is a watermelon and mint drink. enter the mojito.

holly from spend with pennies drains the pulp from her sliced watermelon before putting it into this cocktail. but i’m lazy and would skip that step. hey–she says it’s okay!

option 2 from my pinterest board: watermelon-moscato slushWatermelon-Moscato Slush - and other summer cocktails to help beat the heat!

who’s a fan of slushies and other blended drinks? my mom, for one, won’t drink a cocktail unless it’s brightly colored and in slushy form.

this recipe from the kitchen is my playground is perfect for you blender-friendly slushy fans. also, moscato is a semi-sweet white wine, so it’s a great alternative to the hard alcohol in some of my previous faves.

not-so-hard alcohol

if you like where i was going with the moscato and want some more non-hard liquor options, here we go.

option 1 from my pinterest board: raspberry limoncello proseccoRaspberry Limoncello Prosecco - and other summer cocktails to help beat the heat!

i love this damn delicious drink because it’s not as fruity as the others. sure it’s lemony and you’re throwing raspberries in there, but it’s essentially gussied up sparkling wine, which is what prosecco is.

when our neighbors brought italian limoncello back for us from their honeymoon, i found this one on pinterest. plus, i never met a sparkling wine i didn’t like.


option 2 from my pinterest board: summer sangriaSummer Sangria - and other summer cocktails to help beat the heat!

this sangria idea from what the fork involves watermelon and pineapple, which is what makes it so summery and tropical.

while this recipe calls for moscato, you can use any dry white wine for sangria: pinot grigio, sauvignon blanc, or–my personal fave–riesling.

let me know if you try any of these or if you have some other faves i should add to my pinterest board! check out my board and click follow, of course, if you want even more seasonal refreshment suggestions.

Beat the heat with the best summer cocktails!

for more on summer entertaining, check out my 6 steps to planning the perfect summer menu.

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