How to Set Up Your New Happy Planner: Part 3

April 10, 2017
How to Set Up Your New Happy Planner: A Complete Guide

welcome back to the ultimate guide to setting up your new happy planner!

in part 1, we set up our monthly dashboards and came up with a game plan. in part 2, we focused on our weekly pages. now, in part 3, we’ll talk about goal setting and some fun happy planner add-ons!

2017-2018 Modern Marble Happy Planner Sept. 2017 Dashboard

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the “top three this month” box inspired me to be more intentional with my new happy planner. i figured i’d put my top three goals in that spot. this means i need to be more active about goal setting. i also need to keep myself accountable for my progress each month. so, where do we begin?

1. decide on your top 4 goals for the year.

i don’t know how i came up with four, but i did. you can obviously come up with more or fewer goals. whatever works for you! jot them down somewhere so you don’t forget them. here are the ones i settled on. i’m being vague because a couple are kind of personal.

  • return to my driver’s license weight.
  • save x amount for a down payment on a house.
  • go on a family vacation.
  • reach x amount of followers on instagram.

2. get some happy planner pocket page protectors (<–affiliate link).

i purchased these a long time ago but never figured out how to use them! i intended to include fun family photos throughout my first happy planner, but it never really panned out.

so now, i’m going to use them for goal setting instead. i’m using a 2×2 one (4 boxes of equal size). each slot will house one of my main goals for the year.

3. find some fun cardstock to make into goal cards. 

Use Scrapbook Paper to Make Goal Cards for your Happy Planner.

at $5 each, i basically stole these paper pads from michaels! they are gorgeous and even come with some journaling card pages that are perfect for this project. i’m particularly obsessed with the “get glam” pack, so i decided to use that one.

Journaling Cards from Michaels' Get Glam Paper Pack

i cut out eight pieces of paper to fit my four clear pockets. four of the pieces should have room for you to write out your goals. the other four can just be decorative and/or inspiring.

4. write out one of your goals on each card.  

the four cards that have more blank space will feature your goals. write down one goal on each card. below are the cards i chose from the “get glam” pack.

Journaling Cards in Happy Planner Clear Pocket Pages

5. insert the cards into the pocket page.

once you’ve written out your goals, put those cards facing out on the back side of the pocket page. the more decorative ones will go in facing out on the front side of the pocket page. the goals being on the back of the insert feel a little more personal and hidden. here’s what my front side looks like.

Use Cardstock to make Goal Cards for Your Happy Planner Clear Pocket Inserts.

6. place the insert into the appropriate page of your happy planner.

for yearly goals, place the insert in the year-at-a-glance spread toward the front of the planner. then on each monthly dashboard, you can make mini goals or subgoals to keep you on track to reaching your ultimate yearly goals.

if you made monthly goals instead, perhaps this insert would be more helpful in the monthly view. you decide!

7. how to use pocket dividers in your happy planner

in addition to the pocket protector pages, i couldn’t resist purchasing some pocket dividers for my happy planner as well. i’m using them to store invitations and greeting cards.

i place a pocket divider in the monthly view of the upcoming few months. there are pockets on both sides of the divider. so, i store invitations and flyers for events that month on one side. for instance, i have two baby showers in april, so i put both invitations in the pocket below.

Use the Happy Planner Pocket Dividers to store invitations to events for each month.

in the pocket on the other side of that divider, i keep greeting cards i want to send out. from our previous planning steps, i know i have two birthdays in april. so, i pick out two birthday cards ahead of time and keep them in this pocket. this way i don’t forget to send them out, which i have definitely done in the past!

Use the Happy Planner divider pockets to store birthday cards you want to send out that month.

in fact, for all you decorating divas, these pockets are a perfect place to keep certain stickers and kits you want to use for a particular spread too! because there’s nothing worse than buying the perfect kit for a holiday or event and then FORGETTING TO USE IT. am i right!? #plannerproblems

Use the Happy Planner Pocket Dividers to store stickers you want to use in a particular month.

well, that’s a wrap! i’ve gone through my entire process of setting up a brand new planner. in part 1, i showed you how i create a game plan first so that i’m using my planner as productively as possible. in part 2, i walked you through my process for setting up a week. and finally, we just covered some extras and add-ons that make the happy planner so. freaking. fun.

what else do you do to setup a new planner so that it’s ready for business? share your advice below!

and if you loved this series, please share it with other #planneraddicts!

How to set up your brand new Happy Planner! A Step-by-Step Guide

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