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August 31, 2015


step by step and the thing is done. – charles atlas

the thing about david allen’s GTD method that was so revolutionary to me was his idea of breaking down goals and projects into next action steps. as he explains, you can’t actually do a project. you can only do the next action step that will move you towards completing a project. so my sister moved back into town and had to find a job. she kept writing “find a job” on her daily to-do list over and over again and was getting so overwhelmed because it was a monumental task that was stressing her out. so we broke it down. what was the next actual thing she could do–a specific action she could take–toward finding a job? i can call my friend who said she may have an opening at her company, she said. brilliant! her to-do was not actually the ridiculously massive and undoable item of “find a job.” it was simply “call angie about job opening.” a phone call to a friend is totally doable! and if that didn’t pan out, what would she have to do? “look online,” she said. so we made a list of specific job sites she could check. again, instead of “find a job,” we changed the to-do to “check craigslist.” hell, you can do that on your phone in line at the market. break everything down into steps and eventually, the thing is done!

{rainbow-coloured stairs in beirut. artwork and photography by dihzahyners. image from twistedsifter.com}

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