Planner Girl Provisions October Box Theme Reveal

September 25, 2017
The theme for the October Planner Girl Provisions Box is..."Something Wicked"!

it rained for about five minutes this week. i took it as a sign: reveal the theme for the october’s pgp box already!

of course, as i write this, it’s 88 with a chance of brush fire. but that’s neither here nor there.

Something Wicked - the theme for the October Planner Girl Provisions box.

and the theme for this month is…

halloween! im just kidding.

this box is definitely as excited about halloween as i am. but i didn’t want to make it all ghosts and jack-o-lanterns. so yes, it is some halloween, but it’s also a little goth, and a little pretty little liars.

without further ado, the theme is…”something wicked”!

something wicked this way comes

we’ve got cardstock in halloween hues. some more traditional than others. and all with high gloss black foil patterns.

those spooky lantern weekend banners in the photo above are by alexa and company and the heart checklists are part of the gilded raven kit by cupcakes & stickies.

the october box will also include more stickers, planner paper, and even a little planner charm. which i think would look exceptionally well on a traveler’s notebook or filofax.

who here has a traveler’s notebook? because i have been very tempted lately and need more info so let me know!

but i digress.

how about some music to get you in the mood?

if you’re already a #pgpbabe, you know each month’s box comes with a customized playlist. i NEVER do this, but as part of this month’s theme reveal, i present to you the “something wicked” playlist!


just login to spotify and play it right here in your browser. just like this month’s box, there’s a halloween vibe, but not too over the top.

and now. for the real question. who else thinks “look what you made me do” sounds like the pretty little liars opening theme? that uncanny similarity actually inspired this playlist.

The theme for the October Planner Girl Provisions Box is..."Something Wicked"!

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