Planner Girl Picks from the 2018 IKEA Catalog

August 7, 2017
Planner Girl Picks from the 2018 IKEA Catalog

the 2018 ikea catalog is here! i got mine in the mail a few days ago and have since perused the pages. below are my top 10 planner girl picks for your home office or craft room!

i probably put closer to 30 page flags in my catalog. but a top 30 post is quite unwieldy! so below are my top 10 picks, complete with page numbers so you can mark your own catalog.

happy shopping!

10. ypperlig boxes with lids (pg. 165)

Ikea's Ypperlig boxes with lids come in different sizes. Use them to neatly store away washi tape, pens and pencils, stickers, sticky notes, and more.

these various sized boxes look promising. i love containers with lids on them. baskets and bins are great in theory but all the dust that can settle on your stuff in a matter of days KILLS me. but put a lid on it and you’ve got yourself a happy girl! i’d use these for sticky notes, stickers, washi tape, pens and pencils, you name it.

9. rissna nest of tables (pg. 15)

These Rissna nesting side tables from Ikea may be the Happy Planner's answer to easy planning sessions! Set the planner and supplies on the taller table and pull out the shorter table to work on the two pages you've taken out of the discs.

these nesting side tables may be the happy planner‘s answer to planning sessions. set the planner and supplies on the taller table. then, pull out the shorter table to work on the two pages you’ve removed from the discs.

when you’re done, nestle them back together and no one will know you were there!

8. lixhult locker (pg. 204)

Ikea's Lixhult storage combination locker will keep your planning supplies tucked away neatly.

i’m not in love with the primary colors, although i have the red media stand version of this in my living room. BUT, i love the vertical shape of this storage cabinet. and, for those of you who know that back to school time is a SUPER close second to christimas time for me, you’ll know why i’m loving the locker feel.

perhaps most importantly, the cabinet doors hide any stacks and chaos that may be going on inside. if i can see clutter in my periphery, there’s no way i’m getting any work done.

besides, i think if you really hated the colors a quick paint job would do the trick.

7. lallerod and gualov storage tables (pg. 178)

Ikea's new coffee tables, like the Lallerod and the Gualov, allow for storage below the table top. Perfect for planning sessions!

i love the idea of a self-contained planning station. the storage baskets under these little tables are perfect for housing your planners and supply boxes so they are on hand when you’re planning. i’m especially digging the casters under the lallerod. roll it out into the living room to plan and binge watch riverdale. then, roll it in back into the office when you’re done.

the only reason this isn’t ranked higher on my list is because i don’t know how well it would work in my tiny space. using more vertical space seems to be the way to go for me (see #8).

6. helmer drawer unit (pg. 60)

The Helmer drawer unit at Ikea is the perfect little place to store stickers, washi tape, sticky notes, page flags, dividers, dashboards, journaling cards, and all the other things planner girls seem to be swimming in these days!

the helmer drawer unit is the perfect little place to store stickers, washi tape, page flags, dividers, journaling cards, and all the other things planner girls seem to be swimming in these days.

i especially love the minimal height of the drawers. that means they can but tucked under a taller work table. that’s where my raskog cart lives right now, which is a space-saving essential for my home office!

5. fjalla media box (pg. 210)

Ikea's Fjalla boxes are made of paper and steel. They're lightweight but look sturdy and organized, especially with the label tab in the front.

if you’re a planner girl provisions subscriber, you probably noticed that bold primary colors aren’t really my thing. these minty green boxes are more my speed.

i especially love these media boxes because of the label plates in the front. nothing says organized like labeled containers!

4. vardagen jars (back insert)

Ikea's Vardagen Jars are so whimsical. I'd use them in my office to store push pins and paper clips.

lids are the way to my heart i tell you. right now i have some random items on a really pretty tiered cupcake stand. it’s amazing how much dust settles on a small collection of paper clips every few days!

so, i’d get at least two of these jars for push pins and paper clips. i bet you could store some thin rolls of washi tape in there too. or just dispaly a few of your favorites for fun.

3. mosslanda picture ledge (pg. 193)

Ikea's Mosslanda picture ledge can EASILY be used as a planner ledge, am I right?

yes, it’s technically a picture ledge but i’m going to go ahead and call it a “planner ledge.” enough said.

2. stugvik suction cup containers (pg. 103)

Ikea's Stugvik toothbrush holders with suction cups are actually great little containers to store pens and other writing tools! As long as you have a metal surface like a locker cabinet to stick them to.

ikea used to offer similar cups that hung over the side of the famous raskog cart. but i could NEVER find the little suckers! so i gave up. this might be the next best thing.

these containers are actually toothbrush holders. assuming the suctiony guys actually work, why not use them in an office instead of the bathroom? they’d replace cups and pencil holders that take up valuable desk space.

in fact, you think they’d stick to the side of the locker cabinet (#8)? probably the steel drawers (#6) too!

1. myrheden frame (pg. 192)

The new Myrheden frame at Ikea is perfect to hang on your office wall. The clips and hooks allow for easy displaying of sticker kits, schedules, and rolls of washi tape! Why not display all those beautiful planner supplies?

i’m most excited about this item. this frame comes with 12 clips and 4 hooks. it’s perfect for storyboarding themes and items for planner girl provisions boxes.

you could pin up sticker kits for upcoming weekly spreads. or hang coordinating washi rolls on the hooks.

ooh, and what about for mood boards or vision boards? very law of attraction friendly!

are any of my picks on your list too? what would you put in your top 10? let me know in the comments below!


Planner Girl Picks from the 2018 IKEA Catalog

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