Planner Girl Guide to Amazon Prime Day

July 16, 2018

prime day is here! it starts at 12 pm PST and lasts 36 hours.

what is prime day, you say? it’s amazon’s anniversary. to celebrate, amazon rolls black friday and cyber monday into one (and a half) days in july. consider it an extension of this christmas in july craziness!

today’s post will guide you through all things planners and prime! first, i’ll cover the basics for finding great deals. next, and this is the fun part, comes my #plannergirl prime day shopping guide! i list some of my favorite items and some #plannergirl must haves that you can get for a super low price. AND, perhaps more importantly, with FREE TWO-DAY SHIPPING if you’re an amazon prime member.

step 1: sign up for amazon prime.

first thing’s first: prime day deals are exclusively for prime members. so make sure you sign up for amazon prime.

you get a 30-day free trial and the benefits are endless:

  • free two-day shipping on most products;
  • access to free prime video (including awesome original shows like the marvelous mrs. maisel and, one of my la-based faves, bosch);
  • unlimited amazon music streaming;
  • grocery shopping deals with whole foods, amazon fresh, and prime pantry;
  • and more that i don’t even fully utilize.

step 2: download the amazon app.

the amazon app allows you to set up notifications for prime day “sneak peeks.” in general, it’s a great app and makes amazon searching and shopping super easy. i’ve bought many a filofax and other planner goodies (like hole punchers and inserts) on my iphone with the amazon app.

step 3: look for the “prime day deal” badge.

according to amazon’s prime day FAQ, special prime day deals will be indicated in blue:

Happy As Annie Planner Girl Guide to Prime Day!

step 4: check out my #plannergirl and #girlboss must haves!

now, for some of my planner girl prime day picks!

some of these are special, limited time prime day deals (those are in bold and with an asterisk.) others are just great deals in general that will be shipped with free two-day prime shipping, which is about as good as online shopping gets. especially when you are impatient and trying to ORGANIZE ALL THE THINGS!

links to all pictured items are below each image. one disclaimer: these are affiliate links, so if you see something you like and make a purchase, i may get a few cents thrown my way for leading you there. i do, however, point out when i have personally purchased and used these items myself, so they are fully my personal recommendations.

alright, happy shopping!

office must haves

Office Must Haves from the Happy As Annie Planner Girl Guide to Amazon Prime Day

1. 6-drawer mobile organizer*

2. toodoo desk accessory 10-piece set

3. meelano white italian leather and rose gold office chair

4. modway casper dining chair*

5. storex case of 3 mini crates in school teal

#4 isn’t even technically an office chair and it’s been one of my favorites over the years. the transparent look is so minimalist and chic. it also gives the illusion of more open space, which is a must for my tight home office that doubles as my husband’s music studio!

we are also all about mobile storage in our home office. like i said, my office doubles as my husband’s music studio as well as storing surplus planner girl provisions merchandise, so anything like #1 is a must for us too.

attention #bossbabes: gold office alert!

Gold Office Picks from the Happy As Annie Planner Girl Guide to Prime Day

1. hello gorgeous jewelry dish*

2. simmer stone desktop mail sorter

3. u brands hanging file desk organizer

4. acryclic clear and rose gold desktop stapler with staples

5. luxury fashion paper clips and holder in rose gold

6. wanderlust wold map gold foil art print*

7. rose gold desk accessories (44 items total)

are you an influencer? want to be one? you may need these.

Influencer Must Haves from the Happy As Annie Planner Girl Guide to Amazon Prime Day
1. rechargable LED selfie ring light

2. amazonbasics 50-inch lightweight tripod with bag*

3. aldo srilanka black leather bag*

4. fotopro iphone tripod

5. canon eos rebel t6 digital slr camera

yall i am still trying to figure out how to use my fancy DSLR, so maybe you should throw in a dummies book with #5 like i did. i’ll be honest, i just reach for my iphone for now, so a little tripod for my phone (#4) is a must for my youtube videos.

speaking of iphones, selfies still elude me. so i’m finally caving and giving #1 a try.

amazon: my favorite source for ring bound planners!

Ring Planner Faves from the Happy As Annie Planner Girl Guide to Amazon Prime Day

1. rapesco adjustable 6-hole organizer punch

2. filofax classic croc fawn planner in compact size

3. transparent rainbow ring binder in a6 size

4. amazonbasics thermal laminator*

5. filofax malden stone planner in personal sizes

i got my rapesco hole puncher (#1) on amazon and it was a GAME CHANGER. if you get nothing else today, ditch your single hole punch from the craft store and get a proper filofax-compatible hole puncher.

i also got my ochre malden on amazon (it’s pictured in the new stone color as #5 above), and at least three other filofaxer before that on amazon as well (including my very first saffiano, a domino, AND an original in the a5 size. phew!).

so you know these recommendations are coming from the heart of a true planner addict!

and for good measure: some happy planner goodies!

Happy Planner Picks from the Happy As Annie Planner Girl Guide to Amazon Prime Day!

1. happy planner squad goals stickers

2. “enjoy all the things” happy planner

3. happy planner punch

4. undated big flower pop happy planner box

5. happy planner big teacher accessory pack

6. classic happy planner half sheets bundle

as far as i can tell, happy planner stuff is NOT part of the prime day sale. i repeat: happy planner is NOT part of the prime day sale if i’m not mistaken.

BUT you do get discounted prices AND free two-day or even sometimes one-day shipping with amazon prime. so, i think it’s worth noting that happy planner stuff is now on amazon–yay! that’s faster than michaels or the mambi site, so i’d be remiss not to mention it.

The Planner Girl Guide to Amazon Prime Day

let me know which one of these deals you’ve been waiting for and if you found any other awesome ones by leaving a comment below.

happy shopping dolls and, of course, happy planning!

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