planner accessories: WASHI TAPE

September 3, 2015

as promised, today’s post is about how you can make your planner extra fabulous and customized to fit your unique personality. because while planners must certainly be functional, it’s so fun when they are pretty and brighten up your day too. in fact, if you can’t stop looking at it, you’ll use it more, and that’s our goal, isn’t it?  so our first super essential planner beautification tool, or planner accessory, is washi tape.

i’m not sure i knew what washi tape was before i discovered (fine, became obsessed with) the planner community on youtube. washi is easy-to-remove, clear, masking tape with super fun designs and colors. you can use it to add borders to your planner pages or tape things down to dividers or pages without the mess and permanence of scotch tape. above is a photo of my vip list of instagram followers, which is taped to the back of one of my custom-made dividers (a post on that soon!) with a piece of adorable bunting washi tape purchased from LetsWashi.

here’s a sampling of more of my favorites from the interwebs:

let me know how you’re using your washi tape! tag me on instagram, twitter, or pinterest and i’ll feature my faves in a follow-up post!

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