PLAN WITH ME VIDEO: Year At A Glance Pages

July 6, 2018
Plan With Me Video: How I Set Up the Year At A Glance Pages in My Happy Planner

many people ignore the year at a glance pages at the front of their planner. do you?

if you need some inspiration on how to make these pages more useful, don’t miss this video. at the very least, it might help you add life to your yearly spread!

this plan with me video explores the yearly spread in GREAT detail.

in it, i first decide what i want to mark on the year at a glance spread at the front of my new classic size happy planner. then, i figure out a color-coding system that is fun AND functional. finally, i mark up the spread!

the process you’ll see in the video breaks down like this:

  1. figure out how your yearly spread can serve you best.
  2. brainstrom which types of events you need to highlight on this spread.
  3. decide how you will mark those dates.
  4. set up a color-coding system.
  5. mark away!

this is one of the easiest and most fun “move in” processes in setting up a new planner. in this planner, i completed this spread right after i put my name on the title page.

for more detailed step-by-step instructions and photos, check out my longer post that walks you through the process without video.

Plan With Me Video: How I Set Up the Year At A Glance Pages in My Happy Planner

let me know if this video gave you some ideas or inspiration! or, let me know what your planning process is for these yearly pages in the comments section below.

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