Webcrawl Wednesday: Why Outdoor Exercise is Better for You

August 2, 2017
Fitness Tips: Why Exercising Outdoors is Better for You

we all know we should exercise. and we all have opinions on which type of exercise is the best. but what about WHERE you exercise?

first, i tried yoga.

i’m a fan of yoga. i believe in the benefits of mindfulness and meditation. i’m also pretty unathletic. so yoga seemed like a natural choice for me.

but, i’m a flake. i just couldn’t get in my car and to class on a regular basis. so, i accepted reality and cancelled my studio membership.

then, i tried morning walks.

i think yoga failed for me because it was a pain to get to the studio. does the car have gas? where will i park? you know the drill.

so, i figured all i have to do is eliminate the travel and inconvenience part of exercise. i woke up thirty minutes earlier each morning and fit in a brisk walk around my neighborhood.

Color coding my day in my Erin Condren Hourly Life Planner.

i kind of loved it! turns out i love the crisp stillness of 7:00 am. and, i enjoy alone time in the morning. especially before coffee!

i’m also unbelievably sedentary. so i knew a simple thirty-minute walk would have a meaningful impact on my health.

so why did i stop!?

for no valid reason, really. my business got crazy busy. so, i fell behind with lesson planning for summer school. because i stayed up late to catch up, i hit the snooze button every morning.

just like that. out went my morning walks.

Trying out color coding and stickers in my Hourly Erin Condren Life Planner

even more reason to start walking again!

this post on mindbodygreen identifies the specific benefits of outdoor exercise. fitness, mood, and immunity can all improve.

in conclusion, i need to resume my morning walks!

what are your favorite ways to work up a sweat outdoors? more importantly, what motivates you to get off your butt!? leave some tips in the comments below!

Fitness Tips: Why Exercising Outdoors is Better for You

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