Moving into a New Planner: Part 2.

May 31, 2017
Happy As Annie Switching Planners, Part 2: Moving Into My Recollections Planner

in part 1 of moving into a new planner, i took stock of my existing planner setup.

now in part 2, you’ll see the new recollections iridescent planner all set up.

I moved out of my Filofax Malden and into my Hologram Recollections Planner from Michaels. See what changed and what stayed the same.

the recollections iridescent planner

i picked the recollections iridescent planner over the lilac filofax for a couple reasons:

  1. months after my purchase, i and still hadn’t used it!
  2. i wanted to play with some of the planner girl provisions june box goodies, and they match the iridescent planner beautifully.

this planner won’t double as a wallet.

i was using the malden as a wallet too. but the hologram doesn’t have those beautiful front pockets. so, that made the decision for me.

Happy As Annie: I keep some small sheets of Etsy stickers as well as my Planner Girl Provisions playlist card in the front pockets of my Hologram Recollections planner.

i’m still able to hold some of my favorite planner stickers, bits, and bobs though!

which inserts i kept

i kept my personal information sheet and contacts pages from my previous planner. i still want that information on hand for emergencies.

my recollections calendar inserts also stayed. first, i made sure the first month was current. next, i added weekly pages for the next few months. i also added a couple more months at the end. my filofax year-at-a-glance is still at the front of the calendar section. and my yearly pull-out insert is still at the end of it.

Happy As Annie: Using the Recollections undated calendar inserts from Michaels, I make sure the first month in the calendar section of my planner is the current month, and keep just a few more months in the planner at a time.

i also kept my to-do list section the same: my gtd lists (<–affiliate link) in the front and plenty of blank paper in the back. my alphabetized reference section still follows the to-do section.

which inserts i changed

while i kept the insert to track jagger’s vet visits, i tossed the bills tracker that wasn’t working for me.

i’m not using most of the floral dividers that were in my malden. the iridescent came with sturdy gold foil dividers, so i left those in there instead. plus, the gold goes really well with the mermaid accents i added from the PGP june box.

Happy As Annie: The gold foil dividers that come in the hologram Recollections planner from Michaels are pretty and heavy duty!

i took out my wallet contents, including the two credit card holder pockets at the end of the planner. that gives me some more ring space!

i still have the recollections llama dashboard in the back, just for fun, but i’m retiring the adorable french bulldog dashboard for awhile. like i said, i wanted to play with the planner girl provisions june box goodies instead, so i made a new dashboard.

what i added to this planner

Happy As Annie: I used the mermaid scale cardstock adn one of the mermaid stickers that came in the June Planner Girl Provisions "Mermaid Off Duty" box to create a fun dashboard for my hologram Recollections planner from Michaels.

i made a new dashboard by adding a piece of mermaid scale cardstock to the back of the first divider. i added a mermaid sticker in the top left corner of the cardstock so it would peek through the divider. i clip  the two layers together with the same bow clip that was in my malden.

Happy As Annie: I punched holes in this double-sided mermaid journaling card from the Planner Girl Provisions June box to use a journaling card in my planner.

the journaling card is fun AND functional because the back holds a chunk of sticky notes.

you may have noticed in the photos that i switched out my stabilo pens. i traded in the blue tones for a lavendar and gray duo that i think matches the iridescent planner really well.

Happy As Annie: Setting up a new planner means getting new pens to match. These stabilo pens match the hologram Recollections planner from Michaels perfectly!

what new planner have you switched into recently? let us know in the comments below!

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Happy As Annie Switching Planners, Part 2: Moving Into My Recollections Planner


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