Mother’s Day Gift Ideas: Personalized Planner Goodies

April 20, 2017
Personalized Planner Goodies from

[disclaimer: this post was sponsored by JANE, a boutique marketplace featuring women’s fashion, home decor, and more.}

mother’s day is just around the corner. if the mama you’re shopping for is a #plannermom, then look no further than this post and JANE.

on the JANE daily deal site, you’ll find a variety of fashion and home products. these include journals, handbags, jewelry, and more. in fact, JANE’s stationery goodies make great mother’s day gifts for #planneraddict mamas.

here are my three favorite ways to personalize a gift. any or all of these are PERFECT for the #plannermom in your life this mother’s day. and i found all three of these options on JANE.

1. put her name on it.

printing the recipient’s name or initials on the item is the classic choice for a personalized gift. i chose a simple notebook with my name on it. hey, i’m a #dogmom. that counts for mother’s day!


i love the cursive font, the florals, and the “chalkboard” background. you just can’t go wrong with a personal notebook like this.

2. tell her how to use it.

of course, you can personalize a gift with any inscription. it doesn’t have to be the recipient’s name.

i fell in love with this notebook (yes, another notebook!) because it had a top coil option. that format makes it PERFECT for a list-lover like me. so, i personalized it with the word “checklists.”


i’m a sucker for florals over black and white stripes. and you can get super creative with personalization when you think outside the name box!

3. use it to hold even more gifts!

again, you can personalize A LOT of the items available on JANE. totes, wallets, makeup bags, pencil cases, and more. along those lines, a container of sorts makes a fabulous gift because it can store even more gifts!


for example, how gorgeous is this canvas pouch? to come up with the personalization, i considered how i’d be using it. the obvious answer? to store pens, washi tape, and other goodies for on-the-go planning, of course! so, instead of my name for this one, i opted for “planner goodies.” this one might be my favorite!

now, any #plannermom would squeal with delight at this adorable pouch itself. but, for bonus points, fill the pouch with said planner goodies! that, my friends, equals gift perfection in my book.

and here’s the best part about this last option. the beyond reasonable prices on JANE allow you to work a multi-item gift like this into any budget.

well mamas, what do you want for mother’s day this year? drop some hints in the comments below. and if you liked this post, share it on pinterest!

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