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July 15, 2019
Essential Oil and Aromatherapy Shopping on Amazon. Happy As Annie | The Modern Intuitive's Guide to Amazon. Amazon Prime Day 2019 is July 15th and 16th!

There are so many misconceptions about how to live a more intuitive, centered, or enlightened life. You might imagine having to frequent dusty old occult shops and used book stores to purchase things like tarot cards and crystals. Sorry to burst this fantasy (and trust me, NO ONE has rocked this fantasy harder than 7th grade me). But the way I learned about mindfulness, yoga for anxiety, and reading tarot cards was doing a little research and finding shit online.

So in my humble opinion, in our modern world, you can be intuitive or spiritual or witchy or whatever else you want to call yourself and still shop from Amazon!

In fact, this post lists some of my favorite yoga, meditation, and tarot products on Amazon right now. And right in time for Prime Day too (July 15 and 16 for Prime members)!

Disclaimer: This post contains Amazon affiliate links, which means that if you end up buying one of these products, Amazon will throw a few cents (literally) my way. It’s a way bloggers can earn some money so they can continue to provide you with the absolutely free content you love!

My favorite yoga, meditation, and tarot finds on Amazon, right in time for Amazon Prime Day on July 15 and 16, 2019. Happy As Annie | An Intuitive's Guide to Amazon

Amazon Prime Day is here from July 15 to 16! You may want to peruse Amazon for some hot Prime Day deals this year. Or, if you’re like me, you might end up ordering a few items that you’ve been eying for awhile that you could have bought any time of the year.

My Amazon picks in this post are not Prime Day only deals, so feel free to revisit these links or shop for these at any time.

Here we go!

Yoga and Meditation Shopping on Amazon. Happy As Annie | The Modern Intuitive's Guide to Amazon. Amazon Prime Day 2019 is July 15th and 16th!

My yoga and meditation picks from Amazon

I had a love-hate relationship with yoga for years before I finally committed to a regular yoga practice this summer. To periodically reward myself for sticking to my yoga practice, I treat myself with new yoga supplies, especially leggings.

Yoga leggings on Amazon

First of all, I wish everything I wore was high-waisted. So these TSLA high-waist tummy control yoga pants are a no-brainer for me. I hate getting into child’s pose and then wondering if my instructor can see my thong when she walks behind me to the back of the classroom. Breaking out of a pose to pull up your leggings is so not zen.

Another reason I like these are because they are thick. So many cute leggings I’ve seen online are ridiculously sheer and thus indecent to wear comfortably to a yoga class.  If you live in a hot area like I do, consider trying a cropped or capri pair of TSLA’s yoga leggings if you’re worried about staying cool during class.

Finally, the best part about these leggings? Under $15!

Yoga mats on Amazon

I own two identical Gaiam yoga mats right now. I bought the second one so I would have a replacement when the first one died and it still hasn’t. So there’s that testimonial. They are basic, affordable, and non-slip.

If you’re a bony person like me, please do your poor coccyx a favor and get a thicker yoga mat! This extra thick yoga mat by BalanceFrom is 1/2 an inch thick to protect your knee caps and your spine. The carrying strap is a definite plus.

Essential Oil and Aromatherapy Shopping on Amazon. Happy As Annie | The Modern Intuitive's Guide to Amazon. Amazon Prime Day 2019 is July 15th and 16th!

Essential oil diffusers on Amazon

I went through a couple essential oil diffusers before I found one I like. You might think I’m such a weirdo for saying this, but this is the only way I can think to articulate my basic complaint about the first crappy diffuser I had: it made the air smell thin and cold.

But I finally found the highly rated VicTsing Essential Oil Diffuser, which makes the fragranced air smell warmer and yummier and less intoxicatingly saturated.  It’s still really affordable, and the wood grain is a beautiful organic touch.

The Smartlove1P essential oil diffuser is a smaller, more portable version.

Books on Amazon

Yoga and meditation are often connected to opening or clearing our chakras. What are chakras? They are centers of spiritual power in our bodies, through which different types of energy flow to keep our bodies balanced and well.

This comprehensive AF book by new age publisher Llewellyn, called Llewellyn’s Complete Book of Chakras: Your Definitive Source of Energy Center Knowledge for Health, Happiness, and Spiritual Evolution, will tell you everything you ever cared to know about our seven chakras, and then some!

Nail polish on Amazon

Call this my shallow side, but I skipped yoga one time because I was in desperate need of a pedicure and just felt too self-conscious to be barefoot in front of a bunch of people for an hour.  Just being real with you!

For this reason, nail polish is completely relevant to my yoga practice. If I gaze down in a forward-fold or down dog and get to see brightly painted toes looking up at me, I feel better. It’s as simple as that, folks! This Color’s Making Waves by OPI gives me pretty mermaid vibes that are perfect for summer.

How can you learn to listen to your intuition more and start living a more intuitive life? Here are ten things you can start doing right now to live more intuitively. Trust your gut and live a more intentional, purposeful, and joy-filled life.

My tarot picks from Amazon

I started reading tarot cards for myself as a way to quiet my ego and tap into my intuition. While I have limited myself almost exclusively to one deck so far, I’ve found so many great books that have opened my eyes to the wonderful world of tarot!

Tarot cards on Amazon

If you ask me, the classic Rider-Waite tarot deck is ideal for beginners because the illustrations are so helpful in learning to decode the meaning of the cards. If you want to try something more modern though, the Mystic Mondays tarot deck is fluorescent and fun.

You may have heard about oracle decks as well, which are not the same as tarot decks. Oracle decks are more free-flowing and don’t follow the same 78-card structure of tarot decks. They are still fun to work with to gain insight and guidance. The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit Deck is particularly beautiful and comes with a guidebook.

More books on Amazon

I’ve already gushed about how much I love Brigit Esselmont’s Biddy Tarot blog. Her book, Everyday Tarot: Unlock Your Inner Wisdom and Manifest Your Future, explores how we can incorporate tarot cards into our daily life, not just for readings, but as introspective journaling prompts, to help with setting intuitive goals, and more.

If you want more of a glossary or guidebook to help with your interpretations of the cards, I had a blast reading Michelle Tea’s insights on every single card in her book, Modern Tarot: Connecting with Your Higher Self through the Wisdom of the Cards. I’m pretty sure it’s designed to be used as a reference book which you consult for a particularly troublesome or confusing card, but I read it straight through!

What are your favorite finds on Amazon? Let me know in the comments below, and happy online shopping!






You don't have to frequent dusty old occult shops and used book stores for tarot decks and crystals and other intuitive needs. Sometimes, Amazon is where it's at for the modern mystic and intuitive! Happy As Annie | The Modern Intuitive's Guide to Amazon

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