Meal Planning with Planner Girl Provisions

August 24, 2017
Using Planner Girl Provisions Stickers to Meal Plan

one of the most fun things to do as a planner girl is shop for planner stickers on etsy. if you don’t have an erin condren life planner or a happy planner though, you might feel left out!

well, i don’t want you to miss out on etsy sticker shopping! so, in this post i show you how to meal plan using some half box stickers for the life planner in a regular ringed planner.

use gradient half box stickers

How to Use Half Box Planner Stickers for Meal Planning

i know what you’re thinking. what’s with the super specific sticker requirement? well, i like to keep categories of food in mind when i’m meal planning. for instance, i want to make sure we’re not eating too much pasta and getting enough veggies in and stuff like that.

the gradient half boxes, like these ones by tea rose paper co on etsy, which were in the august planner girl provisions box, are perfect for that. like color coding.

the meal categories i use

How to Use Half Box Planner Stickers for Meal Planning

these particular stickers come in four shades. i’m using each shade for a type of meal: veggies, pasta, fish, and chicken.

my husband doesn’t eat beef, so i never have it for cooking because it wouldn’t be worth the trouble just for me. we don’t eat a lot of pork either, although i’d probably include that under chicken if it came up. the other white meat, right?

sometimes i treat eating out as a separate category. if you have more than four categories you like, i’m sure you can find sticker sheets with that many colors!

How to Use Half Box Planner Stickers for Meal Planning

as you can see, i label each column with my meal category. so, if i have a bunch of the same color on a weekly spread, i’ll know i’m not cooking with enough variety.

How to Use Half Box Planner Stickers for Meal Planning

i use the appropriate color half box for each day’s meal. most of my meal planning is for dinner. i also don’t plan for the weekend because we end up eating out or having dinner at a family member’s house or something like that.

also, we almost always end up skipping one of the planned meals because impromptu dinner plans will come up or we’ll be too tired or hungry to cook one night. with the weekend left wide open, we can make that extra meal wherever it fits.

note: in these photos, i’m using my personal sized filofax. my inserts are the recollections calendar inserts from michaels.

place the half boxes vertically instead of horizontally


How to meal plan using color-coded half box planner stickers.

here’s maybe the best part. placing the half boxes down vertically instead of horizontally works perfectly for my inserts. if you think outside the box, you can use cute eclp or happy planner stickers even if you don’t own one of those planners!

they fit quite nicely on the recollections blank calendar inserts from michaels.

How to Use Half Box Planner Stickers for Meal Planning

so you’ll see that i start the week off with a pasta meal (the risotto). we have fish twice, and we have a light veggie-based meal planned for mid-week (the caprese avocado toast).

i try to be as realistic as possible when doing this. by thursday, for instance, my husband and i are both usually so beat that the thought of LOOKING at a skillet seems preposterous. so i plan for ordering thai food (marked as chicken).

add more meal planning details with other stickers

of course, you can then add whatever other details or information you need to go along with your meal planning.

Meal Planning using stickers from the Planner Girl Provisions August Box


i used the budget planner stickers by paper house that were also in the august planner girl provisions box for two reasons. first, i already knew the colors would work nicely together. and second, meal planning often goes hand in hand with budgeting.

for example, for every splurge meal (indicated by a dollar sign sticker), i make sure to include a super afforadable meal (indicated by the piggy bank sticker). just to keep everything balanced.

what are your meal planning tips?

so how do you meal plan? leave some tips in the comments below! my biggest challenge is reducing the amount of produce we don’t end up using. if i have to throw out one more half-full bag of arugula…

Meal Planning with Planner Girl Provisions: Use Etsy Planner Stickers in Your Filofax


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