How to Use More Than One Planner

July 31, 2017
How to Use More than One Planner

“i own more than one planner. how can i actually use them all?”

it’s difficult not to buy more than one planner! there are so many fun ones out there! so how can you actually put them all to use? most people dedicate each planner to a different part of their life: school, home, their youtube channel.

THAT DOESN’T WORK FOR ME! here’s what does.

my current planner lineup

here are all the planners, notebooks, whateva that play a role in my current planning system.

1. my brain dump notebook.

this notebook is PERFECT for to-do lists! each line has a box on the left so you can check the item off your list. i do all my brian dumps in here. it even has a movable bookmark to mark your spot. and it has a pocket behind each cover. you can find one on amazon in a few pretty pastel colors.

How I use more than one planner: I start with to-do lists, usually in a notebook and my personal Filofax.

2. my personal filofax.

i just can’t lug my happy planner or erin condren around with me everywhere. it’s too large and a bit awkward for me in most situations.

i’ve always been a personal size filofax girl. that’s what i take with me everywhere. in it, among other things, i store my gtd lists as well as other notes and brain dumps i jotted down while out and about.

3. my happy planner.

How I use more than one planner: My Happy Planner lets me organize my daily to-dos.

last year, my planning system stopped here, with my happy planner. but now, it’s the creme filling of the oreo so to speak. i use it to assign specific to-dos to each day.

4. my hourly erin condren life planner.

How I use more than one planner: My hourly Erin Condren Life Planner helps me time manage each day..

last year, i’d find myself wanting to use my happy planner as a chronological planner. instead of categories, i wanted morning, afternoon, and evening boxes. for this reason, i’m trying the erin condren hourly planner this year.

so how do i use all three planners at once?

i usually spend leisurely sunday mornings doing a weekly review and planning for the week ahead. ideally, i do it over a lovely little breakfast with no distractions or barking dogs or husbands on the phone.

step 1: review my to-do lists.

My Multi-Planner Planning System: Step 1 is to review to-dos.

i go through the lists in my filofax first. i make sure everything that’s done has been checked off. and if finishing one thing means now i need to do another thing, i make sure that’s been listed.

then i go through my brain dump notebook to see if i can turn any ideas or projects into actionable to-dos to add to my filofax.

step 2: figure out which to-dos need to get done on a certain day.

My Multi-Planner Planning System: Step 2 is to assign time-specific or urgent to-dos to appropriate days in my Happy Planner.

i didn’t always used to take this step. but if you have a lot of to-dos (which most of us do), certain ones that are more urgent might end up in the middle or at the end of a long list. that’s how you miss deadlines or forget to run errands!

so now, on sunday mornings, i go through my list and assign certain to-dos to certain days in my happy planner. the top box is for personal to-dos, the middle is for teaching, and the bottom box is for my business.

of course, not all to-dos are urgent or time-specific. but i list those that are under their appropriate days. this way, i make sure they get done on time.

step 3: map out how i need to spend my time each day to feel the most productive.

My Multi-Planner Planning System: Step 3 is to map out how I want to spend my time each day in my hourly Erin Condren planner.

some sundays, this step doesn’t take much time because i don’t have a lot of time-specific events i need to work around. when this happens, i may just plan out the very next day in my hourly erin condren and leave the rest to do as i go.

My Multi-Planner Planning System: Step 3 is to map out how I want to spend my time each day in my hourly Erin Condren planner.

i’ll talk more about my color coding in the hourly erin condren in a future post.

what about stickers and decorating?

my filofax has adorable dividers and bits and bobs. but, the lists and calendars are NOT CUTE.

i mean, i calendar dates standing up as i rest the filofax on a raised knee. i add errands to my list as my husband drives over speed bumps on the way to dinner. what do you expect?

only the happy planner’s weekly pages typically get “planner stickers.” for instance, this week i finally stopped hording my mermaid stickers from the planner girl provisions june box! and i created a super pretty spread.

In my current planning system, the weeky pages of my Happy Planner are the only ones that see major sticker action.

i’ll get into more details about my happy planner in a future post.

my erin condren hourly gets most of its fun from the color coding i do with my stabilo pens, which you can find on amazon. you can see my color coding in the photo above as well as in the spread below:

Most of the decorations in my hourly Erin Condren Life Planner come from my color coding pens.

the monthly pages in my erin condren can get quite festive though.

so that’s my 3-step multi-planner system. what do you think? and how do you work more than one planner into your organizing routine? let me know in the comments below.

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  • Reply Jean B. August 6, 2017 at 7:33 pm

    I have been trolling YouTube trying to find a way to use my multiple planners with out feeling like I am repeating too much info. I like your system especially the braindump notebook. I’m still working out my process. Hopefully I’ll have something soon worthy of sharing. Thanks for sharing yours. Love the mermaid stickers too!

    • Reply HappyAsAnnie August 7, 2017 at 10:35 am

      thanks for reading jean! it’s definitely taken me a few different systems so i hope this one sticks. it’s been working pretty well. let me know when you figure yours out! 🙂

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