How to Handle Recurring Items on Your To-Do List

May 18, 2017
Happy As Annie How to Handle Recurring Items on Your To-Do List

recurring items on your to-do list are those things you must do every month, week, or day. apparently, just because these items repeat every month or week doesn’t mean they won’t inevitably slip through the cracks!

but finally,  i have a plan that i hope will prevent last minute scrambling once and for all.

what are recurring to-dos?

recurring to-dos are things you have to do repeatedly on some kind of schedule. bills, for example, are recurring to-dos. you have to pay them every month. perhaps you shop for groceries every two weeks. or send out a blog newsletter every first friday of the month.

these may sound fairly manageable. but, it turns out that i have more recurring items on my to-do list than i thought! i finally came to this realization when, month after month, something would inevitably slip through the cracks and leave me scrambling.

so, i had to come up with a better plan to manage these types of items.

Happy As Annie How to Handle Recurring Items on Your To-Do List


first thing’s first: make a list.

i especially want to systematize and streamline my blog and business to-dos. on a particularly overwhelming night, i stopped everything, climbed into bed with jag, and made lists. i listed all the things i need to do for my blog or business every month. then i did the same for every week.

decide what to get done when.

next, i went through my lists and decided when each month (or each week) i had to take care of each item. for example, how can i eliminate late night realizations that i forgot to draft the next day’s blog post? well, what if i devote one day each week to drafting blog posts? instead of carving out time every single day (dare to dream!) to write, edit, and publish, i wil do all my writing on fridays.

How to Manage Recurring Items on Your To-Do List

an important point here: this system doesn’t guarantee that i’ll always finish everything right on schedule. things come up. i get sick. i go on vacation. but, at least now i know what i’m not finishing. and i’m pretty sure that’s what’s necessary to prevent my panics and last-minute scrambles. unfinished tasks are only problematic for me when i don’t realize they’re unfinished! i don’t like surprises!

make a visual plan in your planner.

okay, now i know what i’m doing every friday. and every first sunday. and every 10th of the month. it’s time to turn to my planner. this is the fun part! i’ll walk you through my process. and these are photos i took in bed during my planning session. so you’re getting some real behind-the-scenes footage here!

How to Manage Recurring To-Dos with Your Planner

i started with my weekly blog to-dos. like i said, fridays are now blog days. hmm, what sticker shall i use to represent this? typewriters of course!

now, i want to be realistic here. writing effective blog posts takes time. and i don’t necessarily know what photos i’ll need until the writing is done. by the time i finish writing though, it may be too dark for photos. plus, i don’t want to burn out. my solution? make saturday photo shoot day.

How to Manage Recurring Items on Your To-Do List

those adorable cameras come in the same pack as the typewriters. the reset girl for carpe diem.

next, and in true planner girl fashion, i have to plan when to plan. sunday mornings are perfect for my weekly review and to plan for the upcoming week.

How to Manage Recurring Items on Your To-Do List

you’ll notice that the first friday looks different. that’s because i decided that i’ll do a broader monthly review on the first friday of each month. that’s one of my monthly recurring items.

here’s what my final product looks like.

Use a Planner to Manage Recurring Items on Your To-Do List

give me until the end of june to really test this out. i’ll let you know how it goes!

in the meantime, how do you handle recurring to-dos? are there any pesky items that creep up on you at the end of the month?

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  • Reply Katie @ Chic But Psycho May 19, 2017 at 8:12 am

    I love the use of the stickers – I think that really helps make recurring to-dos stand out! So cute!

    • Reply HappyAsAnnie May 19, 2017 at 9:55 am

      thanks! i figure if it’s cuter to look at im more likely to stick to it! 😉

  • Reply Elvi Todorova May 22, 2017 at 8:42 pm

    If I have to be honest, I never thought of using stickers. But after seeing your post, I’m rethinking it. Awesome planner and great post!

    • Reply HappyAsAnnie May 26, 2017 at 6:07 pm

      thanks! oh man, stickers are a wholeee new world 😉

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