The Goals Pages of My Erin Condren Life Planner

July 17, 2017
How to use the goals pages of your Erin Condren Life Planner

the front pages of the erin condren life planner

the beginning few pages of the erin condren life planner can be fun and useful. that is, if you can figure out what to do with them! the two-page goals spread stayed blank all year in my last planner. here’s how i’m putting it to use this time around.

Using the goals pages at the front of the Erin Condren Life Planner to set and track goals in 12 areas of my life--1 area for each box.

12 boxes for 12 areas of my life

the goals pages include 12 boxes, seemingly for the 12 months of the year. in fact, an older version of the life planner may have written the names of the months on the boxes. they’ve since evolved into unmarked boxes to give us more flexibility. and creativity. and madness!

awhile back, i posted some tips on how to set better goals and actually achieve them. the “level 10 success” method recommends setting goals in 10 areas of your life. mine, for instance, included marriage, finances, fitness, among others. i adopted this method for my goals pages.

Planner Inspiration from fellow Erin Conren Life Planner user on Instagram

i got the idea of using the checklist stickers from the back of the life planner from @plannerjackie on instagram. in fact, that inspiration came first. then i remembered the level 10 life idea and decided to implement it here.

what are the 12 areas of your life?

after some brainstorming, i came up with the following 12 areas that are important to me :

  1. marriage
  2. happy as annie (this blog)
  3. planner girl provisions
  4. health
  5. fitness
  6. family
  7. friends
  8. teaching
  9. finances
  10. fun and recreation
  11. personal development
  12. jagger (can’t forget jagger!)

Planner Hack: Use the goals pages at the front of your Erin Condren Life Planner to list goals in 12 different areas of your life, including family, career, spirituality, and more.

i broke “career” down into my blog and my subscription business. i also separated “health and fitness.” this got me from my usual 10 to 12 areas.

what are your goals or dreams for each area?

then you list goals you have for each area of your life. this method ensures that you are living a round, full life and not neglecting any important aspects of yourself as you perhaps focus too hard on other areas exclusively. i know that if i had to rattle off my top 3 or 5 or however many goals, i’d probably list a bunch of business and career goals only. this way, i remember to put my husband first. and not to ignore my health. and that my friends probably still need me even though they are all busy raising babies now!

it might feel a bit overwhelming at first!

writing down all these goals in one spread like this can be pretty overwhelming! but if you remember that these pages pertain to the ENTIRE YEAR, you should breathe a little easier.

i mean, i still haven’t tackled a few of these boxes. i was having mental blockages and getting stressed out! so i just turned my attention to something easier like fitness and called it a day. i’ll come back to this spread every now and then, reevaluate, fill out some more spaces, and keep going.

in fact, now that i think about it, those boxes that i just COULDN’T think of much to write down for are probably the areas of my life that are being the most neglected! if nothing else, this exercise is GREAT for pointing that out to yourself!

why not just label them the months of the year?

why not indeed! you can certainly do that if you want. like i said, i think they were designed with exactly that in mind. but i don’t want to be very time-oriented on these pages, pressuring myself to accomplish certain things in a month or else i stare at my failures for the rest of my time in this planner! yikes!

i want this spread to be an overall look at my life and all the wonderful things going on in it. and all the areas i am fortunate enough to have in my life to cultivate and expand. like that positivity? it’s how i fight the overwhelm!

let me know if you try this out in your own planner! or inspire us with some other creative ways to use these goals pages. leave your comments below.

Planner Hack: Use the goals pages at the front of your Erin Condren Life Planner to list goals in 12 different areas of your life, including family, career, spirituality, and more.

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