how to get your to do list to do itself.

August 20, 2015

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all i want in life is a personal assistant. a jennifer hudson to my sjp, if you will. until that day, i automate as many things as i can to help me make believe that i am, in fact, carrie bradshaw. here are a few simple things to do that will make a nice dent in your to-do list.

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1. enroll in direct deposit.

there seriously is no reason for you to not have your employer automatically deposit your paychecks into your bank account. in fact, some banks waive their pesky service fees if you have direct deposit, so there’s another plus. you also don’t have to go to the bank and may even get your money a night early. wins all around!


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2. auto-pay your bills.

okay, you need to have a pretty steady income for this one because it won’t work if you only have, like, $11 in your account some months. set up auto-pay options for as many credit cards, bills, and loan payments as you can. it’s one less thing to calendar and one less payment to miss (which also means one less elaborate phone conversation in which you attempt to sweet talk your way out of a late fee). and automatically making all your payments–even if it’s just the minimum balance each month–improves your credit score. that means you can get into even more debt which you can pay off automatically as well! just kidding about that last part.



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3. subscribe and save with amazon prime.

this one is my fave because it can drastically reduce how often you need to leave your house. if you’re an amazon prime member, you can set up subscriptions for certain items to be automatically purchased and delivered to you on a schedule you set up. i get shampoo, toilet paper, hair product, and paper towels delivered to us at varying intervals (hair product every three months for instance) and it’s amazing!

what tricks do you guys have up your sleeves to get your to-do list to do itself? let me know in a comment below!

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