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SELF-CARE SUNDAY: It’s Okay to Cry, Even at the Beach.

July 15, 2018
Self-Care Stories: It's Okay to Cry, Even at the Beach. Candid stories about living with depression and anxiety.

i’ll just come right out and say it: i’ve been battling depression since 2009.

and i’ve had higher than normal levels of anxiety all my life.

yes, my life is great most of the time. and it looks even better than that online! but living with depression and anxiety is unfortunately–and undeniably–a huge part of my journey. so, i started to feel dishonest and even a bit slimy at hiding it so well.

the truth is, i am more organized and productive and ambitious and mindful and creative than a lot of people i know. at the same time though, i’m often a nervous wreck and a puddle of tears that breaks down at the mere thought of deciding what to have for breakfast or what shoes match this dress.

and planning my wedding!? FUGGEDABOUTIT!

so, my friends, it’s time you got the whole package! here is the first installment of a new series on this blog: self-care sundays.

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