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10 Self-Discovery Books to Help You Create Your Dream Life

August 12, 2019

Needless to say, we are all on unique journeys of self-discovery. Some of us are still figuring out how to squeeze more than 24 hours out of our day to get everything on our to-do list done. Others of us are trying to quell fears and anxieties so we can live a more calm and centered life. And a few of us are just trying to get to the gym one more time this century!

In the spirit of back to school, I put together a self-discovery syllabus. What is that, you ask? A list of ten self-discovery books to help you get your shit together once and for all and start building the life of your dreams.

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Why Social Media may be Weakening Your Intuition

July 29, 2019
Happy As Annie | Why Social Media may be Weakening Your Intuition

Social media helps us reconnect with old friends, view our cousin’s new baby photos, and watch all the dog videos. That’s all lovely. But too often, we use (or should I say misuse?) social media to boost our egos.

And any time we let our ego run the show, we run the risk of misaligning with our values and straying off our soul’s true path.

But don’t worry! There are many ways we can be more authentic and intuitive with our social media use. I’ll share those tips with you in this post.

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How to Read Tarot Cards for Yourself

July 22, 2019
Intrigued by all the tarot cards you've been seeing everywhere lately? Tarot is a powerful (and easy to learn!) tool to help us tap into our inner wisdom and intuition. In this post, I share my journey with tarot and show you how you can start learning how to read tarot for yourself right away. Happy As Annie | How to Read Tarot for Yourself

Why might you want to learn how to read tarot cards?

Well, do you wish you had a tool to help you make better decisions? Do you sometimes need help quieting all your fears and worries so you can get to the heart of what is bothering you? Do you feel like you deny or hide certain parts of yourself from others, or even from yourself?

Learning how to read tarot cards has helped me with all of the above. The best part about learning how to read tarot cards is that it is WAY easier than you think. In this post, I’ll share how I got started with tarot and how you can start reading tarot for yourself right away.

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The Modern Intuitive’s Guide to Amazon

July 15, 2019
Essential Oil and Aromatherapy Shopping on Amazon. Happy As Annie | The Modern Intuitive's Guide to Amazon. Amazon Prime Day 2019 is July 15th and 16th!

There are so many misconceptions about how to live a more intuitive, centered, or enlightened life. You might imagine having to frequent dusty old occult shops and used book stores to purchase things like tarot cards and crystals. Sorry to burst this fantasy (and trust me, NO ONE has rocked this fantasy harder than 7th grade me). But the way I learned about mindfulness, yoga for anxiety, and reading tarot cards was doing a little research and finding shit online.

So in my humble opinion, in our modern world, you can be intuitive or spiritual or witchy or whatever else you want to call yourself and still shop from Amazon!

In fact, this post lists some of my favorite yoga, meditation, and tarot products on Amazon right now. And right in time for Prime Day too (July 15 and 16 for Prime members)!

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This Daily Spiritual Practice Takes just Fifteen Minutes!

July 8, 2019
Wish you had a daily spiritual practice to help you feel more grounded, inspired, and just plain better? Consider making it a morning ritual. Happy As Annie | This Daily Spiritual Practice Takes just Fifteen Minutes

The older I get, the more I find myself yearning for some kind of spiritual practice.  I find myself wishing I had some kind of religious or spiritual practice or belief that helped me make sense of the world, gave me a feeling of connection and belonging as well as a higher purpose.

Spirituality–especially if you’re not religious–is a highly personal thing though. And even a solo practice you do at home can be quite beneficial to your spiritual wellbeing. It can keep you centered, grounded, and optimistic.

Here is what my daily spiritual practice looks like. The best part? It takes just fifteen minutes!

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10 Ways to Live Intuitively – Starting Right Now!

July 1, 2019

How do you turn off the auto-pilot and begin to live intuitively? What does it even mean to live intuitively?

When I finally started listening to my intuition, I was able to quit the job I hated, begin the career I had dreamed of since I was a little kid, and even start my own business just for fun! Oh yeah, and I also gave myself a makeover and got married!

Now, I continue to build the life of my dreams with intention and passion by worrying less about prestige and propriety and more about cultivating my passions and prioritizing mental health.

So how was I able to finally listen to my intuition and build a life that was more aligned with my higher purpose? I’ll tell you in this blog post.

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5 Easy Ways for City Dwellers to Spend Time in Nature

June 30, 2019
Bring the outside in. Happy As Annie | 5 Easy Ways for City Dwellers to Spend More Time in Nature

How often do you spend time in nature?

As a die-hard city dweller, every now and then I feel a great need to escape all the people, noise, and traffic and go somewhere super naturey. I’m blessed to live in Los Angeles, where some of the most beautiful nature spots, like Big Sur and Joshua Tree, are short road trips away. But even quick weekend trips are not always doable when you work full time, have a family, are on a budget, or all of the above!

So, how can we busy urbanites make communing with nature part of our daily lives for the sake of our mental wellbeing and overall quality of life?

Here are five easy-peasy yet effective ways city dwellers can spend time in nature on a daily basis. No forest-bathing, road trips, or nature hikes required.

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