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how to handle recurring items on your to-do list

May 18, 2017
Happy As Annie How to Handle Recurring Items on Your To-Do List

recurring items on your to-do list are those things you must do every month, week, or day. apparently, just because these items repeat every month or week doesn’t mean they won’t inevitably slip through the cracks!

but finally,  i have a plan that i hope will prevent last minute scrambling once and for all.

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10 Travel Must Haves

May 1, 2017
10 Travel Must Haves, Even if You LIke to Pack Light!

{disclaimer: this post is sponsored by DAFNI, creator of the revolutionary hair straightening ceramic brush.}

whether it’s a weekend getaway or a sights-filled overseas adventure, here are my ten travel must haves.

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how to set up your new happy planner: part 2

April 5, 2017
How to Set Up Your New Happy Planner: A Complete Guide

welcome back to the ultimate guide to setting up your new happy planner! in part 1, we set up our monthly dashboards and came up with a game plan. yes, we planned how to plan. isn’t planner life great?

in this second installment, we will focus on our weekly set up for the first month. in part 3, we will talk about goal setting and some fun (and useful!) happy planner add-ons.

alright, let’s get going!

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how to set up your new happy planner: part 1

April 3, 2017
How to Set Up Your New Happy Planner: A Complete Guide

you bought a brand new happy planner. yay! you are beyond excited. now what? how do you get your planner to work for you? how can you make sure you stay on top of everything and don’t fall behind in your planning?

this guide will help you set up your new happy planner for success. fhis is the first of three installments.

  • in part 1, we’ll come up with a game plan and set up our monthly dashboards.
  • part 2 will focus on our weekly set up for the first month.
  • and in part 3, we’ll prepare our monthly view for the first month and talk about goal setting.

now, let’s begin! to start setting up your new happy planner, follow the steps below:

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why you need a personal mission statement

March 27, 2017
Why should you have a personal mission statement? Learn what it is, how to come up with one, and why I keep it in my daily planner.

what is a personal mission statement?

i first thought about a personal mission statement when i read stephen covey’s the 7 habits of highly effective people (<– affiliate link). covey explains that a mission statement helps you define “guidelines within which you can most happily express and fulfill yourself.”

how can a personal mission statement help you?

we are pushed and pulled in so many directions sometimes that we forget what we really want. or why we started something in the first place. we lose sight of our core values, priorities, and deal breakers. but writing these things down can give you clarity and guidance.

think about it like this. companies draft mission statements to provide purpose and direction for the business, right? so why can’t individuals benefit from doing the same?

so how do you start?

try franklincovey’s personal mission statement builder. you answer some questions about yourself, and the site plugs those answers into a template. then you can edit and revise the template as you like. i find this less overwhelming than staring at a blank word document and having to start from scratch!

Customize your personal mission statement and make an inspiring dashboard page for your planner.

and, being the #plannergirl that i am, i personalized my mission statement with patterned paper and stickers.

where should you keep your mission statement?

i hole punched mine and put it in my planner so i could see it regularly.

Personal Mission Statement in Filofax Malden with Glasses Paper and Photo Accessories

i love flipping to this spread throughout the week. it keeps me motivated and makes me smile. what would go into your personal mission statement? let me know in the comments below!

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Why you should add a Personal Mission Statement to your planner.