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how to set up your new happy planner: part 2

April 5, 2017
How to Set Up Your New Happy Planner: A Complete Guide

welcome back to the ultimate guide to setting up your new happy planner! in part 1, we set up our monthly dashboards and came up with a game plan. yes, we planned how to plan. isn’t planner life great?

in this second installment, we will focus on our weekly set up for the first month. in part 3, we will talk about goal setting and some fun (and useful!) happy planner add-ons.

alright, let’s get going!

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how to set up your new happy planner: part 1

April 3, 2017
How to Set Up Your New Happy Planner: A Complete Guide

{this post contains affiliate links to some of my favorite products. this means i earn a small commission if you follow a link and end up making a purchase.}

you bought a brand new happy planner. yay! you are beyond excited. now what? how do you get your planner to work for you? how can you make sure you stay on top of everything and don’t fall behind in your planning?

this guide will help you set up your new happy planner for success. fhis is the first of three installments.

  • in part 1, we’ll come up with a game plan and set up our monthly dashboards.
  • part 2 will focus on our weekly set up for the first month.
  • and in part 3, we’ll prepare our monthly view for the first month and talk about goal setting.

now, let’s begin! to start setting up your new happy planner, follow the steps below:

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March 22, 2017
Happy As Annie Webcrawl Wednesday: Is Meal Planning For You?

What is meal planning?

Meal planning consists of planning recipes ahead of time and grocery shopping accordingly in one fell swoop. First, you save time by planning your meals in advance and not worrying about dinner every night. You also save money by buying only what you need for those meals. And, you’re less likely to waste food because you’re buying everything with a meal plan in mind.

Why I started to meal plan

All the meal planning videos on YouTube made me think it wasn’t for me. I don’t have kids. So how difficult could it be to interestingly and affordably feed me and my husband?

Pretty damn difficult, it turns out! We’d run out of ideas for dinner and resort to take out and delivery almost nightly. When we did grocery shop, we bought whatever looked good without a real plan. The result? Lots of waste! The wasted produce alone drove me nuts.

On top of that, my doctor just gave me a few dietary restrictions. So, the time was ripe to get serious about our meals!

More info on meal planning

The Kitchn has become one of my go-to blogs for all things food related. It has a great beginner’s guide to meal planning. Check it out and let me know if it helped you out!

Happy As Annie's Webcrawl Wednesday: The Kitchn's Beginners Guide to Meal Planning.

{Image from The Kitchn‘s original article}

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Happy As Annie Meal Planning: A Beginner's Guide

Get it Girl: The Undated Mini Happy Planner

March 9, 2017
Happy As Annie Mini Happy Planner as Blog and Social Media Planner

The “Get it Girl” Mini Happy Planner

I picked up the undated “Get it Girl” Mini Happy Planner from Hobby Lobby awhile back. I use it for blog and social media planning, and it’s working quite well!


happyasannie (@happyasannie) shared this post on


What’s so special about this one? It’s undated!

Michaels carries several mini Happy Planners too, but this undated version is exclusive to Hobby Lobby. (Right!? Let me know if that’s not actually the case.) Do dated planners ever make any of you nervous? They definitely make me a bit nervous, so I jumped at these no-pressure, undated calendar pages!

What’s your verdict on undated versus dated planners? Are undated inserts more convenient or a pain? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!