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The Secret to Making Your Planner Work for You

May 23, 2017
Happy As Annie How to Really Get Organized Using a Planner

you have a planner. great! but that won’t necessarily improve your organization.

alright, you have a planner and you write in it. you even slap on some stickers! but that won’t necessarily help you get organized either.

so what will? where am i going with this?

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How to Handle Recurring Items on Your To-Do List

May 18, 2017
Happy As Annie How to Handle Recurring Items on Your To-Do List

recurring items on your to-do list are those things you must do every month, week, or day. apparently, just because these items repeat every month or week doesn’t mean they won’t inevitably slip through the cracks!

but finally,  i have a plan that i hope will prevent last minute scrambling once and for all.

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10 Travel Must Haves

May 1, 2017
10 Travel Must Haves, Even if You LIke to Pack Light!

{disclaimer: this post is sponsored by DAFNI, creator of the revolutionary hair straightening ceramic brush.}

whether it’s a weekend getaway or a sights-filled overseas adventure, here are my ten travel must haves.

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