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10 Trendy Ideas for Decorating Your Home Office or Craft Space

February 27, 2017
Happy As Annie 10 Trendy Ideas for Decorating Home Office or Craft Space Pinterest Board

last week i mentioned how pinterest boards have become my essential first step before undergoing any type of home redecorating project.

i’m in the midst of creating a little home office space for my blog and business (the planner girl provisions subscription box) so that i’m not constantly commandeering our dining table for work. so, i thought i’d share 10 of my favorite home office ideas from the happy as annie office space pinterest board.

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The One Must-Do Before Redecorating a Room

February 23, 2017
Happy As Annie's Office Space Pinterest Board for Home Office Decor and Organization

iirst thing’s first: make a pinterest board.

i swear. how did we get anything, especially redecorating, done before pinterest? i can’t tell you how many times the first step in a project plan for me has been to create a pinterest board. this goes especially for redecorating a room. before i start packing, donating, painting, or shopping, i create a pinterest board for the new room or project. anything and everything that inspires me or that i wish my (in this case) home office would look like gets pinned to this board. you can’t rush this phase either!  i take several days–weeks even!–to do this.

next step: notice patterns and repeats.

when i have a bunch of photos pinned to my virtual mood board, i peruse the photos and take note of similar elements in the photos, colors or patterns that keep coming up, and furniture or decor items i ended up pinning more than once without realizing. this simple process really lets me zero in on the ideal home office i have pictured in my head before i actually start redecorating. only after i do this do i feel ready to tackle ikea or home goods. creating a pinterest board first prevents me from buying a bunch of adorable items that don’t really go together or don’t exactly fit my needs.

last step: shopping!

how has pinterest helped you plan before redecorating? let me know in the comments below!

how to bring summer into your work space.

June 13, 2016
Summer Office Decor with Pier1 and Office Depot

hey #plannercommunity! whether you’re spending some of your summer in a cubicle or in your own home office, here are some easy ways to bring seasonal fun into your work space. flamingos? check. twinkly lights? check. lots of pink? read on for easy peasy finds from two of my fave #plannergirl shops – pier 1 imports and office depot.

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a thousand welcomes!

August 1, 2015
haa pop fizz clink

welcome back to happy as annie! my precious little site has undergone quite a makeover (as has my life really) so i hope you like it! i want this blog to be a space of inspiration, empowerment, and fun. so get ready for new content to help you be the most fabulous version of yourself, new formats like videos and free printables, and amazing giveaways! in fact, a particularly gorgeous giveaway is coming up really soon (in just a few days eek!) so make sure to get in on that. follow me on bloglovin, instagram, or twitter (whichever one you crazy kids are using nowadays) and you won’t miss a beat.

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go ahead and make yourself at home. click around. let me know you’re here by leaving a comment below. whatever your heart desires.