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trendy tuesday: LILAC

March 21, 2017
Trendy Tuesday: Lilac is the color of the season. Lilac picks for your spring wardrobe and accessories.

the color of the season

lilac might be my favorite color yall. i switched to my filofax malden in ochre in the fall since that rich brown was so seasonally appropriate. but before that, i was rocking my personal size filofax original in lilac. it might make a comeback though around easter time and as the weather warms up!

every planner girl knows that a planner gets lonely without some matching accessories, right? whether you have a lilac filofax or not, read on for shopping info on more fashion and stationery picks in the season’s prettiest color.

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trendy tuesday: ROSE GOLD

March 7, 2017
Rose Gold Trend Fashion Stationery and Accessories Shopping

rose gold is pretty much my new favorite color.

i recently bought the new macbook (it weighs nothing i tell you!) in rose gold. it was my crowning achievement in all things rose gold. in fact, a stranger waked up to me in a starbucks recently to complement “the beautiful machine. enjoy it!”

why it’s so fabulous

this metallic color is classic but modern. feminine yet just edgy enough. i’m obsessed! click through to check out some more treasures in my new favorite color.

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trendy tuesday: HEART-SHAPED PURSES.

February 21, 2017
Happy As Annie Trendy Tuesday Flat Lay Collage of Heart Shaped Purses, Handbags and Clutches including YSL, Rebecca Minkoff, and Dr. Marten

today’s fashion round-up of trendy heart-shaped purses is a reminder that just because valentine’s day is over doesn’t mean there can’t still be love in the air! if any of these handbags catch your eye, read on for more shopping info.

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trendy tuesday: PUPPY LOVE.

February 7, 2017
Puppy Dog Trend with Apparel Jewelry Stationery and Home Goods

to those of you already part of the Planner Girl Provisions tribe, today’s trend should look familiar. puppy love was the theme for the february subscription box, and dare i say it was my favorite one so far!? below is even more puppy love i wanted to share with you guys because, let’s face it, i’m obsessed.

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trendy tuesday: UNICORNS

January 31, 2017
Happy As Annie Trendy Tuesday Flat Lay Collage of Trendy Unicorn Fashion and Home Accessories

the unicorn trend

“always be yourself. unless you can be a unicorn. then always be a unicorn.” we’ve all seen that on a tote or phone case or something in the past few months, right? unicorns are magical, so i’m not surprised this fashion trend is still going.

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trendy tuesday: MARBLE.

January 24, 2017
Happy As Annie Trendy Tuesday Flat Lay Collage of Marble Fashion, Home Goods, Stationery, and Accessories

marble is everywhere!

marble is everywhere these days! i for one am loving it. i dare say the trend is growing even on my husband, who wasn’t feeling my marble notebooks and laptop case at first.  read on for more of my marble favorites! Continue Reading