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Trendy Tuesday: THE PALM LEAF

July 11, 2017
Trendy Tuesday on Happy As Annie: How to Rock the Palm Leaf Print

the palm leaf trend

today’s trend stems from (pun intended?) the palm tree and pineapple trends that have taken over our lives. first and foremost, i’ve got to say blanch from the golden girls was rocking the palm leaf print on her bedroom walls before any of us were out shopping for it! but now that we’re all over it, here’s where you can shop for some of my picks.

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trendy tuesday: GIRL POWER

May 9, 2017
TrendyTuesday on Happy As Annie Featuring Girl Power

the spice girls would be proud!

girl power has been trending yall. (yes! finally!?) ever since the women’s march after trump’s inaugration, thousands–even millions–of women have become more loud and proud of their gender.

most days, this trend makes me feel triumphant. but other days, i question why it’s taken so long. or if it might fade away over time like other trends. for now though, i’m feeling good about it. so here are my favorite girl power goodies for your shopping pleasure.

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webcrawl wednesday: MAKEUP APPLICATION

April 19, 2017
Happy As Annie's Webcrawl Wednesday featuring Makeup Savvy's Order of Makeup Application

i’m not a beauty blogger…

i am NOT a beauty blogger. but, i like looking pretty and put together as much as the next girl. so, i have been dabbling in learning proper makeup application. for instance, there are such things as “primer” and “setting powder.” one goes on first, and one goes on last. and it would be awful to confuse them!

but i never met an infographic i didn’t like!

in fact, i’m digging this nifty infographic by makeup savvy on the order of makeup application:

Happy As Annie's Webcrawl Wednesday featuring Makeup Savvy's Order of Makeup Application

there’s plenty of more where that came from.

if you like basic primping without too much fuss, you may like my latest pinterest board.


trendy tuesday: THE FLAMINGO

April 18, 2017
Happy As Annie Trendy Tuesday featuring the Flamingo Trend

the flamingo trend

“be a flamingo in a flock of pigeons.” you’ve probably seen a print, meme, or some other version of this quote. yes, flamingos are pretty and pink. but this trend has taken on a new empowering, inspiring persona.

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