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trendy tuesday: DINOSAURS

April 25, 2017
The dinosaur trend has taken over high and fast fashion alike. Dinosaurs are featured on clothing from Topshop and Modcloth, Keychains and leather accessories from high fashion houses like Coach and YSL, and other accessories.

the out of nowhere dinosaur trend

dinosaurs have taken over high and fast fashion alike. and just tell me how adorable one of these fabulous dinosaur keychains would look hanging off your planner! in addition to those darlings, which are by designers like coach and YSL, the dinosaur picks below also include some trendy topshop and modcloth picks. take a look to find some dinosaurs for your budget!

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webcrawl wednesday: MAKEUP APPLICATION

April 19, 2017

i’m not a beauty blogger…

i am NOT a beauty blogger. but, i like looking pretty and put together as much as the next girl. so, i have been dabbling in learning proper makeup application. for instance, there are such things as “primer” and “setting powder.” one goes on first, and one goes on last. and it would be awful to confuse them!

but i never met an infographic i didn’t like!

in fact, i’m digging this nifty infographic by makeup savvy on the order of makeup application:

Happy As Annie's Webcrawl Wednesday featuring Makeup Savvy's Order of Makeup Application

there’s plenty of more where that came from.

if you like basic primping without too much fuss, you may like my latest pinterest board.

trendy tuesday: THE FLAMINGO

April 18, 2017
Happy As Annie Trendy Tuesday featuring the Flamingo Trend

the flamingo trend

“be a flamingo in a flock of pigeons.” you’ve probably seen a print, meme, or some other version of this quote. yes, flamingos are pretty and pink. but this trend has taken on a new empowering, inspiring persona.

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trendy tuesday: PARIS CHIC

April 11, 2017
Paris Chic Fashion Trend Shopping Style

paris trend, i love you.

what’s with the paris trend? well, is there anything more classy and fabulous than paris? probably not. what is it about the city of lights that is so damn sophisticated? just slap the word paris on something and my “need to have it” alarm goes off instantly!

just take those gold eiffel tower scissors, for instance. they’re totally instagram famous!

if you day dream of parisian cafes, window shopping along the champs-elysees, and picnics along the seine, the paris trend is for you.

click through for my favorite fashion and home picks that embrace the city of lights.

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Trendy Tuesday: LILAC

March 21, 2017
Trendy Tuesday: Lilac is the color of the season. Lilac picks for your spring wardrobe and accessories.

The color of the season

Lilac might be my favorite color yall. I switched to my Filofax Malden in ochre in the Fall since that rich brown was so seasonally appropriate. But before that, I was rocking my personal size Filofax Original in lilac. It might make a comeback though around Easter time and as the weather warms up!

Every planner girl knows that a planner gets lonely without some matching accessories, right? Whether you have a lilac Filofax or not, read on for shopping info on more fashion and stationery picks in the season’s prettiest color.

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trendy tuesday: ROSE GOLD

March 7, 2017
Rose Gold Trend Fashion Stationery and Accessories Shopping

rose gold is pretty much my new favorite color.

i recently bought the new macbook (it weighs nothing i tell you!) in rose gold. it was my crowning achievement in all things rose gold. in fact, a stranger waked up to me in a starbucks recently to complement “the beautiful machine. enjoy it!”

why it’s so fabulous

this metallic color is classic but modern. feminine yet just edgy enough. i’m obsessed! click through to check out some more treasures in my new favorite color.

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