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oscar watch: IF A TREE FALLS.

we’re going to shift gears a little bit on the happy as annie oscar watch with a nominee for best documentary feature: if a tree falls: a story of the earth liberation front. marshall curry and sam cullen’s documentary takes a look at the political buzzword “eco-terrorism” and what it really means, if anything.  the earth liberation front, or ELF, was a radical environmentalist group responsible for a bunch of high-profile arsons in the nineties, including the burning of oregon timber companies that landed the members that were caught serious prison time and, much worse, the brand of “number one domestic terrorist threat.”

one week left until awards time but this one’s on netflix instant view!

oscar watch: JANE EYRE.

this movie is gogeous and up for best costume design (by michael o’connell, who has previously won this award for the duchess). beyond just exquisite costumes, this film’s landscapes and scenery, the drawing rooms and sitting rooms and powder rooms and tea rooms, the dark moody shots of gothic towers, the bright, and dazzling shots of cherry blossoms in bloom were just breathtaking.

oscar watch: MONEYBALL.

moneyball is not only up for best picture and film editing, but brad pitt and jonah hill are also up for best actor in a leading role and best actor in a supporting role, respectively.

brad pitt’s comic timing is so impressive, even in the most dramatic of roles.  since this is, after all, a sports flick, it certainly won’t win best picture, but brad pitt may have a chance for best actor.

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oscar watch: MIDNIGHT IN PARIS.

oscar nominations are out and the race is on to get as many of the movies watched before the big night. woody allen’s midnight in paris is up for for best picture, art direction, directing, and original screenplay. it is about literature and time travel and it is beautiful.

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happy halloween!

the best halloween i ever spent was my first one with my boyfriend. we nixed the costumes and the annoying parties and went to see let the right one in at the arclight really late at night. nothing like some sweatshirts, popcorn, and swedish vampires to celebrate halloween.  in fact, in honor of today, here are my favorite scary movies, in no particular order because i just can’t decide.

1. the ring.

2. what lies beneath.

3. paranormal activity.

4. the others.

5. signs.

6. insidious.

7. the exorcist.

8. hide and seek.


because sometimes you just need a little zac efron in your life. and claire danes in thirties-chic costumes.


1. pink ruffle blouse. l’wren scott. $950

2. cream patterned top. malene birger. $290

3. brown owl scarf blouse. mulberry. $620

4. viola blouse. monki. $40

5. fusion polka blouse. monsoon. $59

6. galena embroidered silk-crepe blouse. marc by marc jacobs. $300

7. black chiffon ruffle skirt. dorothy perkins. $23sonja.

1. neutral fringe trim waistcoat. dorothy perkins. $23

2. embellished cardigan. oscar de la renta. $2,351

3. light beige print pattern cardigan. h&m. $39

4. red embellished cashmere-blend cardigan. oscar de la renta. $1,195

5. classic embroidered cardigan. l’wren scott. $2,575

6. daytrip flyaway vest. buckle. $22

7. black scalloped hem crochet waistcoat. bang on the trend. $17


1. golden holiday coat. modcloth. $125

2. prorsum wool coat. burberry. $2,235

3. plaid wool-blend flared coat. opening ceremony. $1,150

4. camel wool velour 3/4 length swing coat. armani collezioni. $1,055

5. cheap + chic bow neck swing coat. moschino. $1,075

6. onyx oversized coat light panel. carin wester. $540

watch it: TO SIR WITH LOVE.

my dad’s fond memory of seeing to sir, with love at the theater in iran in the sixties and my mom’s very vocal love for sidney poitier made this an easy choice for a family move night. it’s pretty much dangerous minds but british and in the sixties. i liked it.

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style icon: MRS. CHASEN

last weekend entailed a cinespia screening of harold and maude (1971) at the hollywood forever cemetery. one of my favorite summer activities. vivian pickles‘ mrs. chasen was as ridiculous as ever with her frivolous rich-lady outfits and her liberal and unnecessary use of the french language.

 mrs. chasen.

1. sequined vintage turban hat. kokin. $450

2. white peter pan sleeveless blouse. topshop. $60

3. rope effect bow brooch. jon richard. $10

4. ruby bubble necklace. mawi. $655

5. gold and white large teacup trio. the oxford tea party.

6. military pin. bke. $7

7. vintage birds diamond + sapphire pin. american apparel. $3,200

8. cashmere short sleeve turtleneck. barneys ny. $269

9. stafford white tea cup + saucer. spode.

10. dorit necklace. asos.

11. brown turban. missoni. $145

this next one’s my absolute fave. what does she even mean!?

mrs. chasen.

1. long oberon kaftan. temperley london. $1,207

2. chandra champagne beaded crinkle chiffon dress. ralph lauren. $4,600

3. antique bronze figural winged female angel sconces. antiquarian traders.

4. leather-trimmed cotton canvas trilby. burberry. $295

5. round french gilded mirror. wisteria. $174

6. christy’s black fedora. jades24. $145

7. satin necktie. chanel.

8. brown polka dot silk scarf. bewitched accessories. $12

9. pair of button tuft chairs. pieces. $3,395

watch it: INSIDIOUS

 i love scary movies. the more utterly and supernaturally horrifying they are, the better. not too deep into this one, i whispered to my boyfriend that maybe we should go home. that’s how scary it was.  as the credits finally began to roll, a guy toward the front of the theater shot up out of his seat and announced, “get me out of here, man!”

watch it: PIRATE RADIO

based on a true story. brilliant soundtrack. and a host of british actors i was very excited to see again (including chris o’dowd and katherine parkinson from the it crowd and bill nighy from love actually). and philip seymour hoffman is as unrecognizable as always (in a very flattering, cate blanchett sort of way).