Add a Christmas Countdown to Your Happy Planner

November 22, 2017
Add a Christmas Countdown to your Happy Planner!

thanksgiving is just about here! that means we can finally start counting down to christmas with a clear conscience, right? here’s how i added a really simple but fun christmas countdown to my classic size happy planner

what you’ll need

  • a clear pocket page, preferably with 12 boxes
  • cute christmas cardstock of your choice
  • scissors
  • thick black marker or pen

1. cut out your boxes.

i used some really cute cardstock i found by simple stories. in fact, here’s a pro-tip: 6×6 books of cardstock collections usually have at least one “journaling card” page of tiny illustrated squares. the squares on that page are perfectly sized for this little advent calendar style countdown!

your cardstock has to be single-sided for this project. if you can’t find single-sided paper, one side should at least be a solid or light enough pattern or color so that you can number it (see step 3 below).

Make a Christmas Countdown for your Happy Planner!

2. arrange your boxes the way you want them to go in the pocket page.

play around with the boxes to see how you want them to lay out in the pockets. for instance, i wanted my santa clause to be the last photo. i also wanted to make sure i didn’t have too many green ones clumped together, or two present boxes in a row.

Make a Christmas Countdown for your Happy Planner!

3. number the back of each box from 1 to 12.

once you know how you want to order your boxes, you can number the backs. start with 12 and work your way down to 1. the reason for 12 is that the happy planner pack of clear pocket pages comes with a page of 12 slots, or boxes. that pretty much decided for me that my countdown was going to be for the 12 days leading up to christmas.

and the 12 days of christmas are a thing, aren’t they? with the partridge and the turtledoves and all that. see? it works out perfectly!

4. insert each box face down into its corresonding slot.

after numbering the back of each box, insert them into the boxes with the number side up. in other words, the picture should be facing down.

this is where it resembles an advent calendar. you turn over a box a day starting on the 12th day before christmas. so with 12 or more days to christmas left to go, this insert looks pretty boring!

Add a Christmas Countdown to your Happy Planner!

5. turn over one box each day until christmas!

on december 13th, which is 12 days before christmas, you turn over box 12.

on december 12th, which is 11 days before christmas, you turn over box 11.

Make a Christmas Countdown for your Happy Planner!

the closer you get to christmas, the more fun pictures are looking back at you from your planner.

Add a Christmas Countdown to your Happy Planner!

this way, your planner’s excitement grows as yours does!

i’d love to see how yours turns out! tag @happyasannie on your instagram photos so i can take a look. happy holidays everybody!

Add a Christmas Countdown to your Happy Planner!


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