About Me

Welcome to  your new favorite planner blog, Happy As Annie! I’m Annie. I live in Los Angeles with my rock star husband and goofy pup Jagger, who will probably turn up quite often on this blog (the pup, not the husband, although now that i’m thinking about it…). I devote a good chunk of my time to helping others be productive and organized through the wonderful world of writing things down!

This blog is a space to share organization, productivity, time management, list-making, and other planner tips as well as to embrace the pretty side of life, because I refuse to believe that productive means boring! Bookshelf hacks, fancy journals, gorgeous home offices, planners personalized with washi tape and stickers, I love it all!

An exciting new addition to the Happy As Annie empire is Planner Girl Provisions, a monthly stationery subscription box service. Each Planner Girl Provisions box is filled with thoughtfully themed, beautifully curated, and expertly sourced planning, stationery, and paper products, including stickers, stamps, page flags, sticky notes, notebooks, greeting cards, washi tape, ink pads, pencils, pens, and other must-haves.

Yes, my name is Annie, and i’m a #planneraddict, living my day to day life clutching my filofax(es) for dear life.

If you want to get in touch with me, check out the contact page for all of the ways!