5 Planner Essentials Every Planner Girl Needs

March 6, 2017
5 Planner Essentials Every Planner Girl Needs

so you want to be a #plannergirl? then here are the 5 basic essentials you need to get your life organized.

{this post contains affiliate links to a few of my favorite products. this means i earn a small commission if you follow a link and end up making a purchase.}

1. calendar pages

at the very least, your planner should have a monthly view. the boxes on these monthly pages should be big enough to fit any appointments, deadlines, and special events.

Halloween Spread in Erin Condren Life Planner October Monthly Calendar Pages

above is the monthly view in the erin condren life planner. [<–affiliate link] nice big boxes with minimal clutter!

most planners also come with weekly pages that spread seven days out on either 1 or 2 pages. a zoomed in weekly view lets you plan your week in more detail. so, while bigger events like your dog’s birthday and the taylor swift concert make sense on your monthly calendar, stuff like yoga class and needing to pick up dry cleaning can go on your weekly pages.

Weekly Planner Calendar Pages Inserts for Filofax A5

above is the standard weekly planner pages that come in the filofax a5 planner. [<–affiliate link]

2. note pages

at least for me, a planner must have lots of room for notes. you need plenty of room to write out to-do lists, grocery lists, questions for your professor, etc.

Filofax Note Paper Inserts for List of Things That Make Me Feel Better

as pictured above, i need note paper for all sorts of lists and ideas that pop into my head.

3. some kind of today marker

again, most planners come with some kind of today marker. filofax planners come with an easily removable ruler that peeks out a bit at the top. erin condren planners have a similar marker.

paper clips, binder clips, and magnetic bookmarks work perfectly as today markers as well. in fact, if you clip together all the pages between the current monthly view and weekly view, the clip essentially performs double duty so you can glance quickly back and forth between those two views.

Personal Mission Statement in Filofax Malden with Scrapbook Paper and Planner Clips

i use all sorts of clips to mark all sorts of things! in the picture above, you can see that in addition to the brown ruler that came with my filofax malden,  a “hello” happy planner magnetic clip marks my mission statement page. a planner clip from carpe diem’s reset girl line holds calendar pages together to allow me to flip easily from my month at a glance to my week at a glance.

do whatever works for you!

4. post-its or sticky notes

simply put, i need sticky notes in my calendar because i’m the biggest flake i know. in my defense so are my friends! if i were to write down everything i ever planned to do or wanted to get done in black sharpie in my filofax pages right away, all you would see over time is black scribble everywhere!

little sticky notes or page flags are brilliant for scheduling because you can write down “mimosas at noon” and “dog beach?” and “taco night” on page flags and stick them on the days you want to do these things. then when dates inevitably change, it’s an easy fix.

write stuff directly on the page when it’s absolutely confirmed (or when it’s something that won’t change, like when your bills are due).

Planner Girl Provisions Subscription Box Planner Supplies Garden Party Bunny Sticky Notes and Pens Stationery

finding seasonal sticky notes of all shapes and colors also makes planning fun and pretty! above are the bunny-shaped ones that were part of the “garden party” Planner Girl Provisions subscription box.

5. a pen that fits perfectly into your planner’s pen loop.

you need a pen tucked into your planner at all times. having one in your purse is not good enough. depending on your planner, you need to find a pen that fits safely and securely into the planner’s built-in pen loop. alternatively, you need to add your own pen loop somewhere in your planner so that you have one with your planner at all times.

what planner accessories can’t you live without? let me know in the comments below!

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  • Reply Krista March 8, 2017 at 2:39 pm

    I am totalllyyyy a planner girl! haha I carry mine with me everywhere and consider it essential. Mine is so black and white though and I love the color & life that pops out of yours!

    • Reply HappyAsAnnie March 10, 2017 at 5:03 pm

      thanks krista! how funny–sometimes i go totally black and white too! the ever changing moods of a planner girl right? 😉

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