get more done with the pomodoro technique

March 13, 2017
Get more done with the Pomodoro Technique. Work in 25-minute interals while taking 5-minute breaks in between. After three or four 25-minute intervals, take a longer break.

want to be more productive? want to get more done and succumb to fewer distractions? you may need the pomodoro technique in your life.

In this blog post, learn how a simple kitchen timer can help you boost your productivity and get more done with less burnout. Also find out how you can get really adorable timers at a great price to ensure your work space is fun as well as functional!

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the pomodoro technique

the pomodoro technique encourages you to work in uninterrupted spurts of time. it helps you work more productively and avoid distractions and burnout.

here’s how it works. set a timer for 25-minutes and work on something–anything–on your to do list. don’t stop doing that task until the timer goes off.

when the timer goes off, take a 5-minute break. then, set the timer for another 25 minutes. either continue what you were working on or tackle another task.

after three or four 25-minute sessions, take a longer break. then, dive right back in.

why the pomodoro technique is effective

the pressure of having a timer going helps you focus on your task. you’re less likely to check your instagram feed or get up to look in the fridge. you can do those things when the timer goes off.

besides, anything short of a life-threatening emergency can wait for 25 minutes.

what i love about the pomodoro technique

it helps me work on all the things i have going on without anything falling through the cracks. for example, some days i’m in total blogger mode. i pat myself on the back for being so productive, then realize i didn’t grade a single student paper. celebration over.

with the pomodoro technique, i work in intervals and build in short breaks. no single activity sucks me in for hours on end.

one last tip involving your phone!

if you’re like me, your initial thought was to use the timer on your phone. but if having your phone next to you while you work is going to be a problem, think again! you may want to buy a simple kitchen timer instead and hide your phone until break time.

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Why does every planner girl need a kitchen timer? Find out how a simple timer and the Pomodoro Technique can boost your productivity and help you get more done.

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  • Reply Anh Nguyen March 13, 2017 at 11:02 am

    Super cute idea! I’ve been doing this on my phone, but it is a little distracting, plus I can’t see how many minutes have passed by. I need to dig up a kitchen timer.

    • Reply HappyAsAnnie March 13, 2017 at 11:30 am

      right!? one glance to check time and i’ve answered an email, watched a puppy video on facebook, and followed like 3 new planner girls on instagram. -_-

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