March 8, 2017
Happy As Annie Ikea Raskog Cart in Turquoise to hold Planners, Planner Accessories, and Organize Office Space and Stationery

oh, the ikea raskog cart. how do i love thee? let me count the ways.

why every #plannergirl needs a raskog cart

the raskog cart is quite famous in the planner community. first of all, it’s adorable. second, it’s ideal for holding all of your planners, supplies, stationery, and other goodies necessary for the ultimate planner sesh.

perhaps most importantly, the raskog is on wheels! do you want to plan while watching season after season of the gilmore girls on netflix? roll that baby out to the sofa.

Ikea Raskog Cart in Turquoise Blue

or would you prefer to plan at the kitchen counter where the lighting is better? roll it on over there then!

where should you put your raskog cart?

i’ve had a raskog in the bedroom as well as the office. if my bathroom was bigger, i’d probably have one in there too!

if you want even more raskog ideas, check out this article: 15 ways to use the raskog in yet another room–the kitchen.

15+ ways to use Ikea's Raskog cart at home. In the kitchen, office, garden, craft space, and more.

well, how do you raskog? let me know in the comments below!

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