How to Make a Paper Bow Planner Clip (FREE PRINTABLE)

    February 28, 2018
    Free Planner Printable: How to Make a Giant Paper Bow Topper for a Planner Clip

    how do you mark your spot in your planner? a cute clip to mark the day in my planner is one of my planner must-haves. while there are many available for purchase on etsy and from various planner and craft stores, it’s also fun to make them yourself.

    in this post, i show you how to make a jumbo paper bow planner clip to use in any of your planners, whether it’s a filofax, happy planner, whatever.

    plus, this step by step DIY tutorial even includes a free printable template to help you trace and cut out the paper bow for your planner clip.

    happy crafting!

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