what your planner style says about you. part 4.

    February 9, 2016

    all good things must come to some sort of end, right? here’s the last installment of the planner style series. the color addict! i can’t stop looking at this collage. it’s just so pretty and bright and happy. and those are all words that could describe this fourth type of #plannergirl as well. she embraces the light and the bright and lets her inner beauty shine through and warm up whatever room she walks in to. we all need more of these colorful cuties in our lives, i say! as far as planner style goes, this #plannergirl may be “all about pink right now” one month, then find a filofax domino in that gorgeous turquoise for a great deal and then be “all about this really cool tiffany blue shade” the next month. whatever she’s into that month, she surrounds herself with it because life is short and it might as well color-coordinate. that’s why the paper source brush stroke planner pictured above is so perfect! just pick whichever shade on the cover is speaking to you and go with it.

    if you fall into this category, what’s your latest color obsession? if you follow me on instagram (which you should if you dont, come on now!) you know my current one is lilac. let me know your flavor of the month in the comments below!

    {clockwise from top left: butter london nail lacquer in silly billy. pastel matte iphone 6 case. eos lip balm in sweet mint. kendra scott coral danielle earrings. fossil happy plugs earbuds. victoria bekham red crepe dress. chanel mint green crossbody bag. rebecca minkoff yellow chain shoulder bag. christian louboutin patent so kate pumps. versace collection slash detail dress.

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