The Modern Intuitive’s Guide to Amazon

    July 15, 2019
    Essential Oil and Aromatherapy Shopping on Amazon. Happy As Annie | The Modern Intuitive's Guide to Amazon. Amazon Prime Day 2019 is July 15th and 16th!

    There are so many misconceptions about how to live a more intuitive, centered, or enlightened life. You might imagine having to frequent dusty old occult shops and used book stores to purchase things like tarot cards and crystals. Sorry to burst this fantasy (and trust me, NO ONE has rocked this fantasy harder than 7th grade me). But the way I learned about mindfulness, yoga for anxiety, and reading tarot cards was doing a little research and finding shit online.

    So in my humble opinion, in our modern world, you can be intuitive or spiritual or witchy or whatever else you want to call yourself and still shop from Amazon!

    In fact, this post lists some of my favorite yoga, meditation, and tarot products on Amazon right now. And right in time for Prime Day too (July 15 and 16 for Prime members)!

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